Review of “Three Months”: I treat you as my true love, but you treat me as a playmate

Life is not as it should be. Each of us, we must learn to face the uncertainty of life! There is always an unexpected good, and there is always an unexpected loss. The troubles of life, like the shadow, but small fortune is also hidden in these troubles shine.

The first third of the movie is a simple and cute little fresh, a lot of laughs, the picture style is very sweet; the middle third with a melancholy romantic little sad; the last a bit of abuse, and then the heart to the sun’s open ending. This small freshness, small sadness is only belong to the small poetry of youth, beautiful and unforgettable. The main male curly hair “poke master” is a beautiful blue-eyed lovely subject, look too good, there is a little gangster small bad, and is handsome and do not know the kind. A one-night stand, because the condom broke, he may be infected with AIDS, so very worried to go to the testing center test. The doctor suggested that he come to a support group to talk about his story.

Curly originally did not think so, but in the support group met the Indian popcorn-loving, big-eyed handsome man, eyes really big ah! The two are a little love at first sight, right, this Indian handsome man dumb, as if living in the last century, such as Curly said pop singers he did not know, but this does not prevent the two little cute flirtation each other. For example, Curly said mischievously: I’m going to take you to an isolated place later, don’t worry, I won’t take the opportunity to kill you. That night, Curly rode a tandem bicycle to send the Indian handsome home, respectively, before the Indian handsome also old-school want to write the phone number on the coupon, Curly said: in fact, you can directly leave the number on my phone.

The interaction between the two people is so funny ah! As the relationship deepened, the two became more and more intimate. The two of them are going to the bar together, going to the amusement park together, setting off fireworks at the beach together, and it seems like Curly has found the one who can be crazy with him and can make love together.

The HIV test takes three months, and Curly gets through the first two months without a hitch; but the handsome Indian looks preoccupied. In addition to the test results, he is more worried about his secret being discovered by his family, in the eyes of his parents, he is the good boy who has everything perfect, and he is afraid that his parents will learn about another side of him. Florida’s seaside beauty is not like words, curly hair lying on the white sandy beach, let the light blue water tide up and down, over and over again wet wash their bodies, the sea, the beach, a small person, the composition of the absolute!

The night of the seaside fireworks, curly hair to bring home the Indian handsome, the two make out but because the results are not yet out, so you can not make love. But young people always have young people’s way. After one night, the Indian handsome disappeared, Curly sent a lot of information, the other party does not reply. The Indian handsome man’s test results were positive, and he even took a light life because of it.

Curly found Indian Handsome’s home, it turned out that he was simply fine, the reason why he did not contact, because he had to seriously prepare for the start of school. “Summer always ends, and you did your duty as a friend.”

What? I treated you like a true love, and you treated me like a playmate. Curly suddenly realized that he was just the “popcorn” used to soothe the lonely heart of the handsome Indian boy and relieve his depression this summer. Now the results are out, the Indian handsome man is not infected, and his life will return to “normal”. Curly left in anger and came to his mother’s house. Here to add, Curly’s father died when he was a child, his mother remarried, is the grandparents will raise him. Mom is really a selfish, heartless person.

It is obvious that her son is in a bad mood, but she has to drive him away. Back home, Curly cried bitterly, thinking that he was an abandoned and disliked person. Dad, mom, ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend all left him, when will he reap the benefits of true love? Grandma says: you are the most unique being, true love sometimes requires waiting, but waiting does not mean stagnation, waiting is building up strength to fight for the life you really want. Three months, not a long time; one summer, the boy seems to have grown.

Life is not as good as it should be. Each of us, we must learn to face the uncertainty of life head on! There is always an unexpected good, there is always an unexpected loss.