“Pulp Fiction”: Pieces of Pieces and Pieces of Life

In the 1990s Hollywood movies full of visual effects, such as monsters destroying the world or heroes saving the world, the prominence of this movie made the audience a little confused… In the film and television industry, this movie caused It was quite a sensation. It is especially loved by film critics-they finally found a film that can be analyzed in detail and interpreted from multiple angles to fully demonstrate its professionalism and depth of viewing!

Scattered stories without a main line are “compelled” into a movie

It takes courage to fight against tradition. However, if we succeed in fighting against tradition, the result will become the object of study and a classic of others’ imitation.

Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece “vulgar novel” is such a novel. With the author’s talent and unconventional narrative style, it has become an alternative classic anti traditional work.

The English name of vulgar novel is pull fiction, which has also been translated into black pursuit or dangerous people. This translation may be because the film mainly describes gangsters, or because there are gun fights and murders, or the translator thinks that the content of the film is not related to vulgar novels. However, this will only confuse the public and make the theme of the film vague. Kunting’s title of “vulgar novel” has its own purpose.

The concept of pulp fiction originated from the “Penguin” version of popular literature books created by Alan Lane in England in 1935. Such books are often made of recycled paper from scrap books and newspapers. Quentin’s name should be implying that his movie is a hybrid of many fragments.

This film is most praised for its subversive narrative method. The whole film completely abandons the four steps of the prologue, development, climax, and ending that are adhered to by the usual Hollywood movies. It does not even have a clear time sequence, but consists of three steps. A loosely connected story is interspersed and composed, and the style is weird and weird.

At the beginning of the film, a couple who ate in the underworld had breakfast at a fast food restaurant, and suddenly they began to discuss the robbery of the fast food restaurant. While the audience was waiting to watch a robbery, the plot came to an abrupt end. The scene switched to Vincent and Jus looking for a briefcase for their gang boss. In the process, they killed two young men in an apartment. man. Then the plot is interrupted again, and the camera cuts to the gang boss persuading the boxer Buqi to punch black punches. Then, the camera cuts to Vincent’s boss’s entrustment to accompany the boss’s woman to eat, drink and have fun.

The plot is interrupted again, and the film begins to flashback to Bach and his father’s gold watch. Then Bacchi hid the gang boss and placed a bet on himself. After winning a huge sum of money, he absconded with his girlfriend with the money. Halfway through the escape, he found the gold watch was forgotten at home by his girlfriend. When he returned home to pick up the gold watch, he found Vincent sitting there. He was on the toilet in his house, so he shot and killed him without saying a word.

Bach drove away, but bumped into the gang boss on the road and was chased by him. The two ran away and chased to a grocery store, but they were kidnapped by the grocery store owner. Then the grocery store owner went to find an accomplice, and Bach took the opportunity to escape. The grocery store owner exploded the gang boss, Bachi heard the screams of the gang boss and came back to rescue him. The gang boss asked Bach to leave the United States.

After this, Vincent and Jus appeared again. When the time came back to him and the two men killed two men, a third man rushed out of the room and used a machine gun to sweep them indiscriminately. A miracle happened, and the two were unscathed! Jus thought that this was a call from God to him, so he made up his mind to wash his hands and retreat from the rivers and lakes.

At this time, the camera returned to the restaurant at the beginning of the movie, and Jus and Vincent also came to the fast food restaurant. Jus decided to let the couple change their evil and do good, persuading them to stop the robbery plan and take the boss’ briefcase. Then Jus and Vincent left happily, sticking their guns in the waistbands behind them as they walked.

In fact, the normal order should be that Jus and Vincent work together for the gang boss. The moment the two met “may be a miracle”, then Jus decided to wash his hands and urge the couples in the fast-food restaurant to put down their guns. , The two left. (During this time, Bach agreed to the gang boss to fight fake punches, and then he killed his opponent.) Vincent continued his underworld career, spending time with the boss’s woman, taking drugs and drinking, and finally when he went to catch Bach. Be killed. Bach killed Vincent, hit the gang boss on the way to escape, and was later let off by him because he saved him.

The director deliberately broke the plot to pieces, as if torn a book to pieces and threw it to the audience. This “3+ and a half” story does not matter which one is the key point, nor does it matter the main storyline. Although it is a gang story, there is no lack of bloody shots of Quentin-style violent aesthetics. However, the whole film not only does not have a positive HERO (meaning hero, often used to refer to the protagonist in Western dramas), it is not even true. The enemy. Except for Vincent, they went to grab the briefcase, and many things in the play were accidental and stopped by accident.

In the Hollywood movies full of visual effects, such as monsters destroying the world or heroes saving the world in the 1990s, the prominence of this movie made the audience a little confused for a while, even after many interpretations continued to come out. Some viewers still find this film unsightly and difficult to understand.

However, in the film and television industry, this film caused quite a stir. It is especially loved by film critics-in addition to commenting on the “blockbusterization” trend of films under the impact of TV, they finally found a film that can be analyzed in detail and interpreted from multiple angles to fully demonstrate its professionalism and depth of viewing. Up!

Thanks to the effects of various interpretations, film reviews and awards, this film, which is not “good-looking” in the traditional sense, has also attracted the interest of many audiences. Details, and the various codes that have been cracked from it, such as when Vincent and Joss killed their companions by mistake, when they entered the restaurant, when they changed their clothes, or when the black boss was violently attacked and when to buy coffee To be hit by a car, or what movie did Joss eat before killing someone to pay tribute to the movie, or where to find the foreshadowing of someone’s encounter with someone, and so on.

The non-linear narrative shooting techniques presented in this film, like non-linear editing, are becoming more and more sought after in the new century. Some films have also taken shots that pay tribute to the classic passages of this film.

Turned out, Tarantino gradually became one of the world’s leading directors.

Going back to the film itself, the director made this film in such a risky way at the time. The purpose of this film is obviously not to tell the story, but to make this fragmented plot present a state close to life itself. This also gives the film more and less the temperament of some experimental films.

What people can see in their daily life is what is in front of them. That is to say, what people can understand is only the fragment that is shown in front of them. Everyone just lives in their own paragraphs. N many pieces and paragraphs are put together, and the composition is not a complete plot. As a human being, I almost always live in incomplete plots, and at the same time I continue to create various plot fragments.

The director seems to deliberately refrain from emphasizing and emphasizing emotions. The intense conflicts in the play almost have no groundwork. They happen all of a sudden and are displayed in an inadvertent way under the camera, including robbery, murder, and drug use. At some occasional moment, several people in the story met, something happened by chance, and then they walked away, never met again, or met by chance in another place. These encounters sometimes allow them to influence each other, thereby changing their life trajectory, but it may also be just a small episode in life, after which they continue to live their lives as before.

Gathering and dispersing in accident and inevitability, each facing his own destiny, and the plot of life does not matter whether it begins or ends. Perhaps this is the real life.