Now You See Me 1: A magnificent magic show for stealing money and revenge

“Now You See Me” takes advantage of the uprightness of the four magicians, but Bradly’s method of exposing magic is relatively indecent. As a result, the audience hoped that the magicians would eventually win during the viewing process. The theme of revenge for the father conveyed in the whole movie seems very reasonable.

Magic is generally something that we ordinary people feel very magical. So this movie passed people’s curiosity and gained people’s desire to watch. Because I wanted to watch this movie, and also saw the magic + money flying in the trailer, I thought of watching this movie. Generally, when watching movies about bank robbing, people will focus more on the magnificent methods of robbing banks. “Now You See Me” completes the story of robbing the bank through magic tricks.

Now You See Me

I have to say that the stage effect of this movie is really excellent, because most of the bank robbing scenes are performed on the magic stage. And the stage of the movie basically comes from the real American performance stage. Therefore, the lighting effects and stage vision should be first-class effects. In addition, movie special effects make the entire magic scene beautiful. The original first-class stage effects combined with post-film special effects make the magic scene of the whole movie the most perfect magic show that has been seen in recent years. Therefore, the pure stage visual enjoyment of movies is absolutely top-notch.

Now You See Me

In addition to the visuals on the stage, the special effects of the entire movie can also be counted as one-shot. Personally, the most beautiful thing is the shot of throwing the hammer, smashing the mirror, the whole shot, slow motion, and shooting with the hammer 180 degrees around. And finally the slow motion of the hammer hitting the glass and breaking the glass. Because the layout of the whole room is pure white, the white wall reflected when the glass is broken gives a very refreshing feeling. The pure white makes the reflection of the broken glass particularly beautiful, and it will make the glass broken. Show it out.

The magical stage is a major feature of this movie, and the other is the important plot in the movie, the bank robbery. No matter how perfect it is to rob a bank in a beautiful way, after all, it is still a robbing of the bank. But the film helps the magician not to worry about being disgusted by the audience because of the bank robbery through a very beautiful interface. The magicians did not gain any benefits, but instead returned the money from the robbed bank to the audience oppressed by the bank. This can be regarded as the spirit of robbing the rich and helping the poor that has been passed on from ancient times to the present.

The screenwriters used this perfect reason to complete the moral essence of robbing the bank. So when we watched the movie, we didn’t have feelings of hatred for a few magicians. In addition, the audience would like to see a more beautiful scene of bank robbery. Therefore, the audience in the cinema does not want the magicians to be arrested. In this way, editors do not have to worry about whether it is logically valid for them not to be caught.

Finally, I want to talk about the main thrust of the film. After watching the movie, we can see that the film belongs to a story of revenge for the father. The ancients said that it is not too late for a gentleman to avenge his father for ten years. In fact, it sums up the theme of this movie. In the film, the editor only needs to describe the bad guys as fair and honest, while the good guys use nasty methods.

Now You See Me

Generally speaking, the movie is good, the whole stage effect, and the gorgeous means of grabbing the bank are enough to attract eyeballs. I have to say that the movie special effects + stage effects + magic effects + bank grabbing plot is enough to spur the audience’s appetite. But when the plot really moved towards the predicted development, the whole movie gave people a very artificial feeling. Especially at the end, the police turned into the ultimate boss, giving people a contrived sense of too much pursuit of plot.

OK, change the style of painting, and talk about the surprises and shortcomings of the movie.   


  1. Morgan Freeman looked like an old fox, Batman Butler once again became a solid backing (unfortunately finally abandoned), the Hulk was matched with a French beauty, and the other FBI was the bald head in the house of cards. As for the group of four, there is no need to mention the curly hair. The interrogation section made me want to agree with my body (a smart person is attractive!! I would like to listen to you no matter how fast you talk!!!), there is a little Zhengtai looked familiar, and the big bald head was also good. She performed hypnotism very interestingly, and the most punctual Henley was actually the mistress of Tom who was unfortunately killed by Gatsby. How could she become so much more beautiful.
Now You See Me

2. I performed three times in total. I like the first one the most (the one who grabbed the bank in the trailer). The second time was a bit repetitive and the third time was too much. But in any case, the fixed process of floating money in the sky is still very cool, the scene is very amazing and very passionate!

Now You See Me

weak point

  1. It seems that the plot is illogical

Why did these four people gather as soon as they got the tarot cards? The Boss is awesome, but they are not bad. I have a good life, so I joined the group. (To be honest, these four people didn’t break up in the end. It’s not easy for a small team to fall apart too easily. I’m actually quite worried. Fight for grabbing girls.

Now You See Me

And every time in the movie, Grandpa Morgan is arranged to decrypt after a magic trick, so that every magic trick is a well-designed scam in the end. In that case, how does the hypnosis explain? What happened to the three of them jumping off the building in the end?

2. Emotional drama is too inefficient

The first second was almost about to fight, and the next second was actually kissed, which was cumbersome, and finally made it like a deep rain. There is a short comment that is very good. The ending might as well arrange that the boss suddenly leaves the cage and then appears in front of the carousel. When everyone is surprised, the answer is revealed, and then the end is the end. Or I think it’s better to shoot for another 40 minutes to whet everyone’s appetite a little more, and in the end, the decryption should not be so fast. The rhythm is better.

Now You See Me