Marvel’s top ten organizations, the Guardians of the Galaxy only ranked tenth, the Tian Shen group background is the most mysterious!

Marvel layout ten years, now has constituted a relatively complete universe, with the debut of the major heroes, some mysterious organizations have also surfaced, and their forces are intertwined and influence each other. Therefore, the Secretary specially selected the top ten organizations, for everyone to inventory their comprehensive strength.

NO.10 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is the weakest pheasant organization in Marvel’s combat power, nominally a cosmic-level war team, but in fact a group of rabble, each person in the team has a distinctive feature, all of them are only together in order to run for their lives. They are a group of trouble makers, some of them are cosmic pirates, some of them are the most dangerous women in the universe, some of them are cranky and irritable raccoons (huan) bears, and some of them are sentimental and righteous tree people. They always offend various organizations and then live a life of desperation.

Star-Lord was their leader, and he was the son of Iago, who claimed to have the bloodline of the Celestial God Group, but in reality was just a planetary life form. Star-Lord, as the first person in charge of the escort, instead of uniting the team, he became a cosmic shit-stirrer; he initially stole the Orb, which led to the entire team being captured and imprisoned in Klin Prison; although they escaped from the prison again, the Orb drew an endless hunt for them.

Once in the Infinity War, Star-Lord, in order to vent his personal grievances, succeeded in releasing the Exterminator, which resulted in the destruction of half of the universe’s living beings, judging from these acts, this organization is here to be funny.

NO.09 The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six is a villainous organization, they are all the enemies of Spider-Man Peter Parker, the leader is Dr. Octopus, he is a resourceful and tricky scientist, in order to be able to completely defeat Peter Parker, he formed the Sinister Six, in different times, the members of the Evil Six are different, after all, has mobility.

Once in Spider-Man: No Return of Heroes, Doctor Octopus organized this team of villains in a time-traveling fashion, and this time they only had five villains in total: Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro-Man, Sandman, and Lizard-Man, all of whom are top villains in the Marvel Universe, each with outlandish origins, and each skilled in their own way. If Spider-Man is going to force the group, it is bound to be hanged by the five of them, and only in a cooperative way can they be gradually dismantled and broken down one by one. Although this organization is full of villains, they were not all bad guys initially, but in some changes, they became villains in the eyes of the people, and eventually, some of them have been reformed.

NO.08 Hydra

HYDRA is an organization created by Hitler during World War II. The purpose of the existence of this evil organization is to devote itself to the conquest of the world and to manipulate the world behind the scenes in an indirect form. Red Skull is the leader of the organization, Dr. Elkins is his deputy, the two of them are the core backbone of the organization, since the Red Skull and the U.S. team after the duel, he disappeared, but the organization not only did not disappear, but constantly growing, their forces are disjointed, a part of the government has been infiltrated into the government departments, as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. executives, and even Nick Fury has been assassinated, from these events, it is enough to see that the Hydra organization’s strength.

Since Dr. Eakins has been the end of life, so they transformed him into a computer, and embedded in a secret base, with all the security system connection, these tawdry operation, but also let their science and technology has been in the standing position. But finally still by the United States team smashed their base, but this organization has not been eliminated, but as if the millipede, stiff but not dead, at any time may be resurrected, only their leader to come out, shouting slogans, “cut off a head, and then grow two heads to take its place”. There will be countless devout believers, a unanimous shout, long live Haider, long live Hydra, and again constitute a new Hydra organization.

NO.07 S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is the International Security Council, in order to deal with strange events, special organization of special forces, they are due to a group of top scientists and agents, the captain is Nick Fury, but the organization of high-level has been infiltrated by Hydra, from the Stark Howard era has been to the modern era, their organization within the enemy infiltration, these infiltration of the enemy specialists, but also become the core reason for the final dissolution of this organization.

This organization was only composed of mortals in the beginning, and then as the organization continued to grow, there were many superheroes to join, and they are also the core members of the entire team, since they obtained the space gem, their level of science and technology has grown exponentially, and has even researched the sky carrier, as well as a number of related over-the-top weaponry, which are similar to those made by the Red Skull back in the day, and all of them rely on mysterious power to maintain the . In short, S.H.I.E.L.D. is definitely an organization not to be underestimated in the Marvel Universe.

NO.06 Skyward Sword Bureau

The Heavenly Sword Bureau is an organization formed by aliens and earthlings together, who are dedicated to solving interstellar disputes, as well as some earth invasions. It is actually an extension of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s scope of work, which allows them to get their hands on more in-universe things, and even Captain Marvel is a part of them.

Once debuting in the American series Wanda Visions, the second Captain Marvel, Spectrum, was a member of the Heavenly Sword Bureau, who was in charge of investigating the events of Westview. At that time, the magical boundaries created by the Scarlet Witch were so perverse that they took these strange events, as an alien invasion, and it was from here that the audience really got to know the organization.

NO.05 The Avengers

The Avengers is one of Marvel’s most famous superhero organizations, they are made up of a group of Earth’s wonders and heroes, each of them possesses a heart bursting with justice, they not only fight against evil criminals, but also block aliens invading the Earth, so it can be said that they are the Earth’s security guards.

The early days of the Reunion were made up of the initial Big Five, who were, respectively, Iron Man, Hulk, Widow, Hawkeye and Team America. Among these, only Iron Man and Hulk have some fighting power, the rest are just slightly stronger than mortals, basically difficult to do some complicated things.

Later, the development mode of the Reunion has become more and more mature, and even Thor, Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch have already joined. From the viewpoint of these newly added characters, the Reunion is definitely one of the top justice organizations, and their protection of the Earth is only second to that of the Celestial God Group.

NO.04 The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a mutant alliance founded by Magneto, its predecessor was the Black Emperor’s group of villains, and its core members are Magneto, the Magic Woman, the Red Devil and the White Queen, since the death of the Black Emperor, Magneto once again grew this organization, and in the later stage, even Qin has joined this organization. From the beginning to the end of this organization, it is on the opposite side of the human race, it is a group of awakened mutants to settle down.

From the perspective of anthropocentrism, the Brotherhood seemed to be an unjust organization, but from the mutants’ standpoint, they were definitely a righteous organization, although they were not of our race, they allied themselves only to not be wiped out, only to fight for the right of survival that belonged to them, they did not have any mistakes, but they were used by the humans as a guinea pig to study.

They are superior to humans, and have the ability to annihilate them, but they live a life of hiding. Magneto is their leader, his life is dedicated to the cause of mutants, he led the Brotherhood, since the resistance to all oppression and tyranny, but ultimately they are in the distant future, also created by mankind’s Sentinels to destroy all.

NO.03 Organization X

Organization X is an organization created by Professor X. It exists mainly for the purpose of helping mutants, and this organization later evolved into the X Academy with the help of Professor X. It directly became a school that accepts and educates mutants. They mainly educated mutants on how to use their natural endowments so that they wouldn’t harm other people, which also greatly reduced the hatred of humans towards mutants.

However, from the very beginning, this organization was a refuge school with no ambition, which could not stand in this complicated world. Although they fought for the right of mutants to live in a gentle way, it was all Professor X’s wishful thinking that human beings would not accept the existence of mutants, and they paid the price for their naivety in the end, which almost led to the destruction of the mutants in the end.

NO.02 Illuminati

The Illuminati is a group of six of Earth’s brightest minds from different multiverses who have created an organization of deacons to deal with various crises on Earth, including the collapse of the multiverse’s timeline. The six are, Professor X, Captain Marvel, Mr. Fantastic, Black Batman, Baron Mordo, and Captain Carter. Each of them is not only smart, but also superb in combat, so naturally allied as a multiverse organization. From the viewpoint of their fighting process, their strength is still a bit weak, and they can’t resist the attack of perverted enemies at all.

NO.01 Sky God Group

The Sky God Group is the most primitive and mysterious organization in the Marvel Universe, an existence that can resist the five major creator gods. Ancient times ago, there is only one universe in the world, we call him the first universe, the first universe is full of loneliness, so he created the God of the sky group, the God of the sky group can be said to be one of the earliest birth of the primitive universe of the living beings, they are the universe of immaterial forms of energy consciousness of the life form, human beings so far also can not understand the composition of their life form of the energy structure, they are the universe of the God family, the length of more than 600 meters, the entire body wearing a war armor, wandering around the universe. They are the gods of the universe, more than 600 meters long, wearing a full body armor, wandering around the universe, no one knows their origins, a body armor under the hidden energy that can destroy the galaxy.

The Heavenly God group mastered the most primitive energy of the universe, and could manipulate any matter and energy, almost an immortal existence, even Odin and Zeus, such heavenly father level characters were not their opponents, they could destroy millions of galaxies with a flip of their hand, however, after the split of the First Universe, they still maintained their mission of creating life and maintaining the security of the universe, and had visited the Earth many times, and every time they descended, they would influence the history of Earth.