Legendary top ten monsters, Mothra only ranked sixth, snow devil can freeze the world!

This time, we will update the “Monster Universe” battle power rankings, with the latest monsters as the focus of the inventory, to sort out these mysterious monsters for you.
Tier 3: Skrull, Sea Serpent, Warthog, Sokol

NO.10 Sokol
Sokou is a red-haired mini-Donkey Kong whose lineage is extremely close to that of King Scarab, and who has superior intelligence. This monster pays homage to 1933’s Son of Kong in that both are known for being “small” and look very similar.
Sawchu is the key to the cinematic universe, and it’s easy to see that he’s a cunning ape from his performance at the center of the world. Due to its confusing appearance, it’s usually easy for enemies to let their guard down, however it will surprise its enemies, once King Kong was bitten by it on his finger, and was even tricked into its trap. It was initially loyal to King Scar, but King Scar’s rule was too brutal, so, in its heart, it has always been dissatisfied with Scar. Ever since King Kong defeated the Giant Sea Serpent, it was impressed by King Kong’s chivalry, so it has been secretly helping King Kong against Scar, and even chopped up Scar N’s crystals at a crucial moment, allowing King Kong to completely liberate the Ape Clan.
O.09 Warthog
Warthog is the first monster in this movie, it is a group of creatures in the Earth’s core world, just like Skull Island’s Skull Crawlers, all of them are mainly group attack. If King Kong can hand-tear these reptiles on Skull Island, he can also hand-tear these Warthogs on the Earth’s core world and use them as his appetizer.

The warthog has a pair of sharp fangs in its mouth, which are shaped like a seal’s, and are its central offensive weapon. They usually develop a strategic trap, gradually surround the enemy, and then tear the enemy from all angles to the vitals, so as to prey on the prey, but it is still difficult to encircle the King Kong, after all, the size difference is too large.

NO.08 Sea Snake
Sea Serpent is a kind of python living in the water, its body is thicker than King Kong’s neck, its main means of attack is winding, it will use jujitsu to wrap around the enemy’s vitals until the enemy suffocates and dies, and sometimes it will use its sharp mouth to tear and infect the enemy’s wounds.

In Godzilla vs King Kong 2, it suddenly emerges from the water and wraps King Kong in a death grip, making it difficult for King Kong to move. At first, King Kong was at a disadvantage because King Kong was drinking water and was defenseless, and as a result, he was caught off guard by it. Later, after King Kong familiarized himself with its routine, he could turn defense into offense and take it down easily.

Sea serpent can fight with King Kong for several rounds, that it is similar to Naruto’s strength, if Naruto is the “world at the center of the earth” air combat first, then the sea serpent “water war” is the first.

NO.07 Skrull
Skrull appeared in “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, but last time he just woke up and didn’t join the battle. This time, Skrull has grown into a huge beast, the whole body transformed into red, standing form is taller than Godzilla, is definitely the largest monster in the movie, six long legs far more than a hundred meters high building.

Its appearance resembles spiders and octopuses, with six and spiders, slender and huge legs, head and octopus-like, torso similar to the snail. With the same attributes as the Snow Devil, Skrull is one of the few monsters with the ability to freeze and mitigate the melting of Antarctic glaciers. It is a monster from the same time period as Godzilla, monitored by the Imperial Organization’s Post 55, and is based on the female siren Skura from Greek mythology.

As soon as Skrull makes his appearance this time, he tangles with Godzilla and the two beasts fight back and forth. At first, Skura kept pressing Godzilla with its huge size, but after a long time, it was wrestled down by Godzilla and rubbed on the ground, and the battle was eventually reversed.

Second tier: Scarab King, Tiamat, Mothra

NO.06 Mothra
Mothra is a veteran monster of the Legendary Universe, with a body length of 15 meters, a wingspan of 244 meters long, a chest that can emit a beta light wave that will pass through its wings, reflecting a brilliant and dazzling weapon of holy light, and a mouth that can spit out a pile of viscous liquid that will bind its enemies. It is the only monster in the Monster Universe that is pleasing to the eye, and every time its body undergoes a metamorphosis, it releases a million lights that brighten the eyes of onlookers.

From time immemorial, Mothra has been Godzilla’s unchanging ally, and every time Godzilla is in crisis, she will rise to the occasion and defend Godzilla from a fatal blow. As long as she sacrifices her life, she can force Godzilla to advance into the Red Lotus state, so that Godzilla can unleash its invincible moves, basically killing people and killing Buddha. Before she dies, Godzilla will lay an egg in advance, which seems to inherit her memories and allows her to be reborn in order to join the next monster battle.

NO.05 Tiamat
Tiamat is the strongest amphibious monster in the Legendary Monsters Universe, known as the Dragon of Chaos and Order, and it has a trick that allows it to accumulate electricity in its cells and release powerful energy to create a super thunderstorm. Its head resembles that of an evil dragon, and its entire body is covered in closed scales, with sharp scaly fins on its back.

Tiamat is a serpentine titan with a length of 258 meters, twice as long as Godzilla. It possesses the ability to manipulate water currents, and specializes in creating a whirlpool that drags enemies underwater and entangles them with its flexible body, and then finally, with its sharp dorsal fins, it cuts open the enemy’s outer skin, releasing a deadly toxin that disorientates the enemy.

The Imperial Organization discovered it from George Asia and established Post 53 to monitor it 24 hours a day so that measures could be taken against it at any time.

Godzilla chose to fight Tiamat before it entered the Earth’s core world. In fact, its purpose was very simple, because underwater Tiamat’s battle power was stronger than Godzilla’s, and if Tiamat joined forces with the Snow Devil, it would be Godzilla’s doom. So Godzilla had to eliminate this potential enemy before the endgame battle began.

At that time, it fought with Godzilla to the death and instantly swept it to the bottom of the sea, where it stayed deadlocked and released its venom to blind Godzilla’s eyes. Godzilla had been at a disadvantage and was forced to unleash Atomic Spit before turning the tables and draining it of its energy, eventually progressing into its purple form. From this battle, Tiamat is slightly stronger than regular Godzilla, as long as it is underwater, it can keep Godzilla down, only to be defeated once it is dragged to the surface.

NO.04 Scarab King
The Scarab King is an intelligent monster that is not strong in battle, but mainly manipulates other monsters and builds an army of monsters as its foundation. Originally, the Earth’s core world and the surface world were in harmony, but due to its appearance, the balance was once again broken. Not only did it unify the Earth’s core world and establish its own monster empire, but it also wanted to extend its claws to the surface world, which triggered the Third Monster War.

The Scar King holds a long snake bone whip, with a crystal embedded in the end of the whip. This energy crystal comes from the alien world, which can control the thoughts of the snow devils and turn them into their own tools of war.

Scar King hibernates in the palace of the Earth’s core world all year round, it enslaves thousands of ape titans, builds a palace for itself, and loots survival resources. It was extremely brutal to its subordinates, dividing those apes that had opened their minds into three, six, nine classes, and establishing a management hierarchy that tortured the bottom apes in purgatory.

All in all, its own combat power is no match for Vajra, but it can always utilize some trickery, or its own legions, to force Vajra into a desperate situation.

First Tier: Snow Devil, Godzilla, King Kong

NO.03 King Kong
As the backbone of the Monster Universe, King Kong has learned to use weapons and tools as it has fought and upgraded along the way, and has gradually grown into a Super Monster; early on, it struggled to fight a Skeletal Reptile, and later on, it has been in a weakened state when it was nearly smothered by a Narwhal Snake.

Since it found the energy tomahawk in the Earth’s core world, it has the ability to fight Godzilla, and can even stun Godzilla with a single axe when it’s in full condition. However, its combat power is not long-lasting, and once the tomahawk’s energy has been depleted, its combat power is halved, and it will be pressed and beaten by Godzilla again.

When it debuted this time, it was injured in its right arm, so humans built a mechanical arm for it, and with the mechanical arm’s power, its combat power surged again. It was even able to beat the regular Godzilla, to a pulp. When fighting with King Scar, it can blast half of the building into slag with one punch, from which it can be seen that its arm strength has been seriously strengthened, and because of its more flexible figure, it can attack the enemy from multiple angles, and therefore, it once again defeated King Scar.

NO.02 Godzilla
Godzilla is currently categorized into three states, namely the blue light state, the purple light state and the red lotus state, of which the blue light state is its basic state, which is slightly stronger than the normal state, and it mainly attacks the enemy remotely with atomic spitting, and enters the battle mainly with holding and stomping. After it drained Tiamat’s energy, it completely evolved into the violet light state, the violet light state is obviously stronger than the blue light state, it can fight with Snow Demon back and forth, its atomic spit can melt Snow Demon’s frozen spit, at the same time the body’s resistance to blows, it also completely upgraded by a grade, beating Scarab King like abusing a child.

Nowadays, Purple Godzilla, which has become an ally with King Kong, and whose main purpose is to retake control of the Earth’s core world, with the aid of Mothra, its battle power is absolutely explosive. Although it also had the Red Lotus state, this state belonged to a big move, and since there were restrictions on the release conditions, it was an unstable state, and it couldn’t add too much to its battle power, because it had to fulfill the conditions for sacrificing Mothra, which was an extremely harsh condition, so for the time being, the Red Lotus state was viewed as Godzilla’s passive skill. All in all, it ranks second as the king of monsters on the surface and deserves it.

NO.01 Snow Devil

The Snow Devil, also known as the Ancestor Shimu, is the earliest Titan Monster on Earth, and can be said to have been born together with the Singularity, and then accompanied by the evolution of the universe, and finally took shape on Earth. Its main trick is the freezing spit, which is the nemesis of all Titans, after all, it can freeze all objects without having its energy sucked out.

Wherever it passes, it is frosty, and all grass and trees along the way are frosted. It once created an ice age, causing the globe to be frozen for a long time, and many species became extinct as a result.

As a result of its arrival, countless energy crystals appeared on the planet, which influenced the early creatures on the planet, and those creatures that lived by devouring energy eventually evolved the skill of spitting.

Nowadays, the Snow Devil has been manipulated by King Scar, and the core weapon used to manipulate it is a piece of crystal, which was destroyed by Suo Chou, and it has thus been liberated from its mind and has become King Kong’s right-hand man. Judging from the Snow Devil’s various performances, ranking first in the Legendary Monster Universe is definitely well deserved.

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