Jungle Cruise” review: this is a muscle man beautiful all the fierce movie

This movie is certainly not compared to the previous classic masterpiece of the same kind, but placed in the wretched North American market, than “Black Widow” “Speed 9” kind of counterfeit products to heart, has been considered this summer Hollywood rare fierce film!

Last week in North America offline and Disney + online synchronized release “Jungle Cruise”, adapted from Disneyland’s “Forest River Journey” game, with “Boulder” Johnson and Emily Blunt two red stars, as well as action, fantasy, comedy and other elements, successfully won the North American box office championship.

A muscle captain with a pair of siblings, looking for a legendary healing power of the “tree of life”, although it is a cheesy entertainment blockbuster, and not “The Mummy”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” as the peak, but is already a smooth narrative, light humor, in this epidemic in the summer season, has been invaluable!

Emily Blunt Emily Blunt as Dr. Lily Horton, but not only highly educated, has a face, and the courage to defy the world’s views, the pursuit of the heart of the dream. She is in front of the ladder in order to advance the development of medicine, knocking over the villain to escape, on a very wonderfully entertaining drama.

Dr. Lily Horton and her brother easily find Captain Frank, want to go in the Amazon to find a tree that can heal everything. I did not expect the villains to follow, the land robbed the female number one, waiting for the rock to rescue, and submarines with machine guns and torpedoes chase, blowing up everywhere is blasting, it is very enjoyable.

In addition to Prince Joachim, son of William II of the German Empire, trying to find the Tree of Life for the German army, the three cursed bosses group just appeared, covered in snakes and branches, was cursed to get transformed, but also can not be beaten, its similar to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” villain’s scary look, may scare children.

Dodging the dangerous rapids, “The Rock” Johnson actually cheated the two siblings midway, just when the fake cannibal was revealed, the three villains instantly killed, caught everyone off guard. Later, the male protagonist was a tree branch through the chest, but actually did not die, but also began to reveal a long history.

It turns out that Frank is the Spanish colonist Aguirre unrelated brother, more than 400 years old. Back then, their lives were in danger of being saved by the original tribe with the petals of the tree. In order to get the petals, Aguirre was willing to go on a killing spree, and as a result, he was cursed and unable to leave the vicinity of the river, which is a metaphorical irony for the colonists.

Into the mysterious world, the discovery of unknown civilization, this routine is very commonplace, but the “air rescue” “orphan grudge” and other films Spanish director Zomi Shirra, or rigorous and careful to do the A-class production properly, the narrative is smooth and compact, fantasy fighting entertainment elements all, the end of the battle of the sacred tree is also very cool.

Boulder Johnson’s role, although the appearance of strong, but humorous and funny, the back in the big battle directly rescue the heroine, fought a brave battle was cursed to get into stone. In the feminist serious Hollywood, the end of the “Jungle Hanger” is a beautiful woman to save the hero, giving up the petals, which shows that love is more important than anything else!

Jack Whitehall’s brother character, on the other hand, is a bit effeminate and cowardly, basically responsible for the gag, the key moment to save everyone. At the end, he also gave an impassioned speech in front of the crowd, much like the “Hot Air Balloon Aviator” speech, educating everyone not to just take the risk to risk!

From the two “Game of Thrones” to “Jungle Cruise”, the Rock picked the three entertainment blockbusters, are the same old and traditional adventure story mode, and not too much breakthrough, but enough tension, enough cool, enough entertainment.