“Jojo Rabbit”: Why did the captain help the Jews?

Jojo Rabbit

This movie with the background of World War II has many delicate details. One of the designs is why the captain would help Jewish girls?

Jojo Rabbit

The answer to the Jewish girl protected by the captain is that the captain and his adjutant are same-sex couples. The Nazis not only slaughtered Jews, but also excluded homosexuals. It was this rejection that made the captain empathize with the Jewish girl’s experience and risk helping.

Jojo Rabbit
  1. Speech at the training camp

Speech at the training camp. At the beginning, in the Nazi student training camp, when the captain mentioned why he was not fighting on the battlefield but came to teach the children, he paused, and then found the reason for the failure of the battle and injured his eyes. And then the captain performed a shot, the marksmanship was accurate, indicating that the eye injury was not enough to get him out of the battlefield. There is a foreshadowing here, and it is likely that there are other reasons.

Jojo Rabbit
  1. Intimacy in the office

When the mother played by the black widow came to inquire about the crime, the two were hiding in the office inside. The captain fed the adjutant, showing that the relationship between the two was extraordinary.

Jojo Rabbit
  1. After roaring, the adjutant almost has to go up in person

The adjutant was responsible for conscription, and brought a few old and weak men over, and the captain angrily rebuked him for these people. On the one hand, it shows that almost all young and middle-aged people in Nazi Germany have been on the battlefield. Among the remaining men, except for children, they are the elderly. The war is coming to an end and they are unsustainable. On the other hand, it shows that the captain does not approve of war, so he perfunctory conscription work to protect these elderly people from the battlefield.

After yelling at the adjutant, the captain apologized to him, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t yell at you”. This shows that in addition to the superficial relationship between superiors and superiors, the two have other more equal and intimate relationships in private. After that, the two looked at each other, and they were almost kissing each other, and they were bumped into by the kid Joe Joe. The adjutant slipped away in embarrassment, and Jojo squeezed his eyes frantically, very surprised.

  1. Exaggerated clothing

The new military uniform designed by the adjutant can be said to be bells and whistles, completely inconsistent with the temperament of Nazi Germany. When the captain proudly showed the blueprint to Jojo, the adjutant was very angry, thinking it was a secret between him and the captain.

The captain proudly displayed the newly designed military uniform, and the war hit his eyes. The captain and adjutant were very happy to put on the new uniform. The red crown is very coquettish. The two knew that the war was about to fail and that they could not escape as Nazis, so before they died, they released themselves and put on their favorite clothes. The two put on sulky “new military uniforms” and entered the battlefield

  1. Captain and Qiao Qiao’s mom may be very familiar

When Qiao Qiao’s mother came to the captain to inquire about the crime, she kicked him directly and slapped him with her gloves, unceremoniously. The captain was not angry either. Considering that both of them are anti-war internally, they may actually be very familiar with each other in private. After Qiao Qiao’s mother died, the captain came to visit Qiao Qiao under the pretext of sending a book to Qiao Qiao, and ventured to help the Jewish girl deceive the Gestapo. The captain knew so in time, it is very likely that the captain knew about Qiao Qiao’s mom’s adoption of a Jewish girl, so when he learned that Qiao Qiao’s mother had an accident, he rushed over to help.
The Gestapo came to arrest people, and even the girl mentioned that before she came to Qiao Qiao’s house, she had tossed around many well-meaning people, indicating that Qiao Qiao’s mother was not the only one who opposed the war, but there was a hidden organization, and the captain might also belong to this organization. One member. Mom Qiao Qiao, who yearns for freedom and loves dancing, is not an anti-comrade.

Jojo Rabbit

Going back to the beginning, the reason why the captain was not on the battlefield and brought the children was probably because the close relationship between him and the adjutant was questioned by the Nazis, and he thought that he had corrupted military discipline, so he marginalized his position. The captain and adjutant are homosexuals, and they themselves are excluded, so they have a complete sense of what happened to the Jews. So took the risk to protect the Jewish girl. The captain saved Jojo. The captain knew that he could not escape the fate of being executed. In the end, he helped Jojo by falsely claiming that he was a “dirty Jew” and saved Jojo’s life. The role of the captain is very delicately designed, and his humanity is not inferior to that of “Black Widow”‘s mother Jojo.

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