Intouchables: No pity, a higher level of respect


In my opinion, a good movie should have the following conditions:

  1. Great story.

The ending does not have to be happy, and I may even appreciate the tragedy more; The plot may not be very bizarre, the best is reasonable and unexpected.

  1. Reflect certain social phenomena or social problems and provoke the audience to think.
  2. It has a unique spiritual core.

I think this is the soul of a movie, a movie is a work of art, each piece of art will reflect the creator’s point of view. An artwork with a large number of creators, such as a film, reflects a complex complex of ideas. For example, the actors who play each character bring their understanding of the character into the performance. In the same way, the whole movie will run through the director’s three views. Appreciating a good movie is like having a conversation with the creator. Of course, we won’t discuss the movie.

Let’s get back to the movie “Intouchable.”

The movie tells the story of a wealthy white paralyzed man looking for a caregiver. A young black man who has just been released from prison comes to the job with the intention of asking for a letter of dismissal. As a result, they gradually deepened their feelings and became good friends. I won’t talk about the specific content, but I recommend you to have a look.

Many people said after watching the film that they were moved, by the friendship between Driss and Philippe, by the thick warmth in the film. I was also moved by the film, and I was moved by the respect that Philippe and Driss had for each other. Their status is very different, one is a rich man, one is just out of prison on the margins of society; Their bodies are so different that one is a bed-paralyzed patient who even has to massage his ears to get an orgasm.

One was a strong young man who could not suppress his impulses at the sight of a pretty lady. These two seemingly very different people have the same needs: Be respected, or not to be seen as heterogeneous, Philip is not to say that others discrimination, but their care, their concern, Philip of the strait, he is a paralytic, he needs to be taken care of, although his body is very good, but always hurt his self-esteem, Philip cow why like? It’s because Driss gives him the approval he needs, because Driss doesn’t see him as a paralytic, he takes him to drinks, he takes him to health care, he takes him to car races, he really sees him as a human being. Isn’t that interesting? The desire of a millionaire is to be treated like ordinary people. What about Driss? He was a fringe gangster who hung around with his fellow gangsters and did nothing. What does such a person want? Is it really unfettered? No, what they need is to feel needed, and Driss doesn’t get it at home, his mother doesn’t like him, he goes to prison and the family thinks it’s a good thing, so he’s broken.

Philippe and Driss are lucky for each other. They meet each other and find respect and need. There are also such people around us, some of the disabled, they need the most may not be special care, they need recognition. I don’t know if you’ve ever played sports with a disabled person, but I played basketball once with a polio patient. In this process, if you deliberately let them, they are not happy, we may think that we are helping him, in fact, is a secondary injury to him. The same is true of Philip, who longs to be treated in the same way, so we can see that after Driss leaves for the first time, he has a very bad attitude towards the caregivers who come after him. He refuses to be taken care of by them, because he can feel that he is a disabled person in the process of getting along with them.

In fact, not only people with physical disabilities, but many people who see themselves as different from others in some way, yearn for approval. And in this world, no two people are exactly the same, so in fact, everyone wants to be identified, maybe not by everyone, maybe just by one or two people. Like children want their parents to approve of them; Parents also want their children to understand them; A husband craves his wife’s approval; Subordinates want their boss to appreciate them.

Finally, I hope you can watch this movie and get your own recognition. I have always felt that the traces of the material world will eventually be worn away when people live a lifetime. Only those preserved in the hearts of people will last forever.