How to comment on the notebook?

Before I saw this movie, I didn’t expect much. I thought it should be an easy love dog blood drama. But I didn’t expect that there were many things that moved me. I was so moved when I saw it later. In fact, the core story of the film is an old question, which one does a passionate and lively rich woman choose when she first falls in love with a free and uninhibited poor boy or a witty, considerate, handsome and loving young man? Aunt Qiongyao will tell you to choose a poor boy. Columnists will wake you up with a slap. TV dramatists will let you choose a poor boy, and then use 20 episodes to show the poor couple’s sorrow. Maybe you will get a divorce, and then your son will have a big reunion, which confirms the necessity and legitimacy of strengthening class. But I’m more interested in why there is such a strong attraction between these two people? What is the source of this love? When the heroine Ellie went out with the hero Noah for the first time, Noah asked her what she usually did. Ellie said that she was very busy. She usually had to learn mathematics, Latin, French, piano, tennis and dance. She gave a very “celebrity” schedule. Noah asked, what do you like to do? Ellie said, that’s what I told you! My life now is the life I love. Noah said: ‘I want to know what you do out of your desire. Ellie hesitated for a while before she said that I like painting.

the notebook

In fact, if we put all these into practice, there is no essential difference between painting and playing the piano or dancing, but in the film, it is obvious that they represent different symbols. All the celebrity classes that Ellie took represented the standard life of a young lady. All the girls in her circle and class needed to study these. It had nothing to do with her own unique temperament and hobbies, but her love of painting was her only one, which she wanted to do.

After that, Noah did another thing, that is to lie down on the road directly, and Ellie – just like all our normal people’s subconscious reaction, scared him to get up quickly. As a result, Noah not only didn’t get up, but encouraged Ellie to lie down too. Ellie hesitated and refused, and Noah said, why can’t you do what you want—— In fact, he has seen that in her heart, Ellie is also a “crazy girl” and does not follow the rules. However, the education she received from childhood and her class identity make her a regular lady.

Noah clearly saw the delicate chain of social construction for individuals. He hoped that everyone would be at ease and stay in their class and circle. If you are a worker, you should have “the appearance of a worker”. You should not live too delicately, and you should not fall in love with a young lady. On the contrary, if you are a lady, then you should know Latin, French and piano. If you listen to rock music, it’s out of time, and you don’t care about your identity when dealing with poor kids.

But what is “identity”? The so-called “identity”, as well as all the signs, taste, clothing and behavior norms linked with “identity”, are all purposeful constructions. In order to maintain the current class structure and resource allocation, it is the collusion of all vested interests. But there are always people who don’t want to live in the status quo. There are always individuals who want to “live truly” and establish “real connection” with others. They are a unique you and a unique me, not a small a in the same class and B in the same class.

Zhang Ailing has a short story called the Heart Sutra, in which there is a girl named Duan Lingqing. Her mother and grandmother are very looking forward to her getting married as soon as possible. It’s better to marry a family type person. She knows the thoughts of her family, so she makes fun of herself with her female partner. To some extent, she is “the best”. As long as she meets certain conditions – appearance, occupation, family, a, B, C, D, there is no difference. And Ellie obviously didn’t want to live like this and make such a choice.

the notebook

There are many kinds of love in the world, some of which are “company is the longest love confession”, some of which are Tianlei Gouhuo, some of which are that you have discovered a beautiful new world through this person, and some of which are that you have completed self awakening and growth through this person. In the movie, the emotional pattern between Ellie and Noah is similar to the last one. Noah sees the unfulfilled passion in Ellie, and Ellie realizes that only when she and Noah are together can she stimulate her repressed true self under layers of social construction. In the movie, she also told her fiance that I really love you too, but when I was with Noah, I thought I was a different kind of person.

Obviously, she preferred that version of herself. But one of the most striking things about this film is what Noah said to Ellie when she hesitated. Noah said, you must come to me because there is something missing in your current life. You feel bored. Ellie replied, you are a hopeless megalomaniac! We have no hope. You see, we have started to fight again. Noah replied, “that’s how we get along! We quarrel, you say I’m arrogant, I say you’re a nuisance, but in a few seconds we’ll make up. So, Ellie, (we are together) it will not be easy, it will be very difficult, we have to work hard for it every day. But I want to do this, because I want to be with you, want to be with all of you all the time. Can you do something for me? Please, just for me, imagine my life after that, 30 years, 40 years. If you still imagine being with your fiance, then you go.

This passage is so moving. When I saw it, I couldn’t help crying three pieces of paper. I had mixed feelings. We have seen too many worldly sophistication, telling you that there is no good end with Fenghuang man, telling you how important material is, how important the right family is, and how invincible public order and good customs are. Yes, I admit that if a person is out of a clear mind, such as a man has potential or feels that he is good to me, or feels that he has been together for so long, if it is for these reasons to choose each other, then it is best to be smart, “listen to your mother”, believe that the gossip of the world, make complaints about the North American Tucao, and the poor boy. Find an affordable man you can afford. If you have ambition and means, maybe you can achieve class leap. What about love? Love is like a ghost in today’s era. There are many people who have heard of it and few people who have seen it. Whoever believes in it will suffer losses. It’s simply not the case. Thus, in a worldly and popular narrative, “love” and “dream” become words only belonging to the second period, just as literature only belongs to the youth’s mind.

We don’t have any faith in love any more. Our basic strategies are always “withdraw if you can’t do it” and “there is no grass at the end of the world”. If we are brave once in a blue moon and choose someone who is not in the normal way, we will torture ourselves in our hearts as soon as we have a quarrel. See, let’s accept it. Let’s be enthusiastic. We know that we are not the same people. Why do we have to be together, Love is blinding—— The exit drum is always the easiest to play. Now there are a few people like Noah, who can see all possible obstacles clearly, deeply know the difficulties together, and still have to choose to face them, because the love in their hearts is so strong that they are willing to try their best to overcome the difficulties.

When I saw Noah say that, I suddenly thought of a novel written by Su Fang in some moments, which is called newlywed. It tells that Chen Nian finally ended his last marriage and decided to marry his new girlfriend Wang Mai. At the end of the film, Su Fang wrote: “it seems that a battle is over, and there will be endless tomorrow. There are dozens of old boxes piled up in Wang Mai’s home, which need to be opened, entered and decorated slowly. Wang Mai didn’t help, but he kept to his old discipline and jumped around. Some of the boxes are no longer open, just stored like that. She knows as well as he does Talents like Chen Nian are the norm everywhere in life. They have exhausted all their strength by taking a step in the comfort zone. It’s hard to give them continuous motivation to love, challenge, tolerate and believe every day. Our frail contemporaries. I always say some frustrated words on my micro blog. I call myself a little cold water sprinkling expert. I tell others and myself that people are disappointing. People always want you to be disappointed. It’s better for us to maintain the sweet peace on the surface. There are two ways in front of us. We should always choose the easy one and avoid all the gravel and thorns. Then we should say, what is love? Ghosts have seen it. But I don’t want to do that now. Maybe five years later, ten years later, I will always be disappointed. But before I’m disappointed, I want to work hard with a clear conscience, meet all the difficulties, and make all the efforts I can.

May god treat those brave, strong and affectionate people well.