Fresh’s comment: Perverted doctor makes top-notch cuisine out of his girlfriend

The black-hearted and unethical Tinder scam king. He planned an epic pig-killing scheme across multiple countries, involving several people and a huge amount of money, leaving three female victims empty and in debt. Coincidentally, the old girl recently found another movie that will eat women dry. This is the literal meaning of eating, and the level of evil has been upgraded! This mix of female victims and psychopathic ogres is a high energy movie, with a shocking reversal at the end, today.

The heroine Noah is a girl who aspires to love, and all social animals, she is also faced with the dilemma of entering the workplace, the circle of life is greatly reduced, in order to break through the limits of the social circle, dating software seems to be the best way to get off. She mustered up the courage to left-slide match again and again, but either met a single, the wind swept away the leftovers of the cheap-mouthed stingy man, or met without saying anything directly walk the bird perverted man.

In her on the dating software of the cow ghosts and snakes has been discouraged when she actually met a superb handsome man in the supermarket. The two met at a bar and talked. The two met in a bar, talking about the boy’s name is Steve, is a surgical plastic surgeon, the heroine also explained her father died and her mother disappeared, alone and unloved situation. The woman is quite surprised that the boy does not have any social accounts, just like the ancient people of the last century. But this does not matter, chatting is the most important, the atmosphere is gradually warming up, the heroine more and more on the head, the two of them logically rolled the sheets, the heroine also secretly took a picture of him. The woman is very excited to talk to her best friend Xiaohei, this time may meet the real man.

The woman is very excited about the idea of a social account vacuum, so she should keep an eye on it. But the woman who was overwhelmed by love threw this away. The two of them are in hot water, the doctor boyfriend proposed a short trip on the weekend, the woman did not say a word and quickly agreed. The girlfriends black feel that the progress is too fast. The woman quickly sent the secret photos to Xiaohei and promised to keep in touch. On the day of departure, the doctor said that the traffic situation was very bad, and proposed to stay at his house for one night, and then leave early tomorrow morning. The doctor’s house in a shitty suburban backwater, there is no neighbor around.

The two of them traveled a lot, the doctor made a cocktail for the woman to her taste. After a few sips, she became dizzy and the doctor in front of her faded into a blur, stumbled and fell to the ground and passed out. When she woke up, she found that her hands had been chained. She broke down and cried, cowering in fear, and asked the doctor…

The doctor smiled wickedly: It turns out that this Steve is a psychopathic ogre, specializing in abducting orphaned women and selling their flesh to online customers. He only sells women’s meat because men’s meat tastes bad, and he tries to keep his victims alive as long as possible, because the fresher the meat, the higher the price. When the woman was desperate, a girl’s voice came from the next room, the woman desperately to her for help, but the girl named Penny and her same disease, more miserable is Penny has been plucked out of the flesh and bones, is slowly being eaten ……

On the other hand, the girl friend Xiaohei to see the heroine no news, so worried to ask. I did not expect to receive a message from the other side, saying that they have arrived at their destination, followed by a beautiful landscape photo. The other party then told Xiaohei that she wanted to fully enjoy nature and say goodbye to electronic devices, and that her phone would soon be turned off.

The style between the lines is very different from the usual, Xiaohei noticed something strange, searched the scenery photo sent by the other party, found that it was a random web picture, not at all the destination of the actual photo. And also searched the doctor’s name occupation, but actually found no such person.

The situation is not good, small black let the hostess immediately call their own, did not expect the other party directly offline. The more I think about it, the more wrong it is, and decided that I must find out what happened. The woman’s side saw that it was useless to go crazy, so she did not cry and regained her composure, and the doctor told her to stop being angry, saying that she was still the same person she had been talking to, and that everything she said was true. The woman said she wanted to take a bath, and the doctor agreed. Halfway to the bathroom, she tried to escape but was caught by the doctor.

The angry doctor pushed the girl onto the operating table, and he wanted to cut off a flap of her buttocks and sell it as a punishment. The woman was anesthetized but conscious. She kept begging the doctor’s assistant, tears flowing out of her eyes, but in the end, her buttocks were not saved. After the operation, the heroine was unusually calm, she wanted revenge, in addition to the remorse –

The next-door Penny was surprised, because other girls are directly abducted, did not have a bed with the doctor. A thought flashed by, this may be her only weapon, she must make good use of. When the heroine was recovering from her injuries, she looked at a magazine with words from a deceased girl encouraging her to fight on and never give up. She is actively rehabilitating herself and pretending to be a good friend. She acted like she was remorseful and rehabilitated. She asked the doctor what human flesh tasted like. The doctor explained to her with great enthusiasm and was impressed by the heroine’s seemingly slowly “enlightened” state. On the other hand, her best friend, Blackie, digs a hole in the door and finds out the doctor’s real information through a waiter at the bar. She found out that the doctor was married and had a family. She explained the situation to her wife, who said that she could not confirm that the man was her husband from the photo that could not see his face.

She advised Xiaohei to leave before it was too late, and just as Xiaohei was about to leave, the doctor returned. He pretended to know nothing about all of this, Xiaohei secretly dialed the hostess’s phone, and indeed the phone rang from the doctor’s body, and he pulled out the hostess’s phone. The woman’s wife knocked her out directly from behind. The doctor appreciated his wife because of the divine help. After the doctor left, the wife’s face was mixed, and it turned out that she also did not have a leg. This former victim, in order to survive has now become an accomplice of the devil. After putting Blackie in a cell, the doctor tries to invite the woman to taste human flesh cuisine, but she agrees.

During the meal, they had a good conversation, the familiar feeling is back. After eating, the doctor sent her back to her cell and unlocked the chains on her hands. The woman said thank you in a submissive manner, but when the doctor left, she immediately rushed to the toilet and threw up everything she had just eaten. The doctor became more and more attracted to the heroine, the girl who could drink blood with him exuded a different kind of charm. He gave her a carefully selected dress and invited her to dinner again, this time in a more grand way than before, an eight-dish, eight-bowl, hot and cold feast for all.

The doctor took the heroine to the table and locked her in a chair. In the middle of the meal, the heroine made every effort to talk and laugh with the man. The man just showed her his collection, and the woman saw her best friend’s cell phone in the corner. The sister and her own life hangs in the balance, is life or death is all between a seat tonight. She cried so much that she said she felt so bad. The doctor asked why? The lady replied: The doctor’s eyes lit up, I’m afraid I’ve met the right woman? He unlocked the chains on the heroine and they danced together.

As they danced, they rolled on the sheets again, The woman went to the bathroom to tidy up a little, and the man was lying in bed waiting. When she came back, she was very attentive, her tongue was like a knight full of exploration, wandering around the doctor’s body. When this knight came to the doctor’s femur, it was too late, the heroine gave a deadly bite, and the doctor suddenly flew away. The doctor, who was in pain, stood up and the lady immediately put the toothpaste she had prepared in the bathroom into his eyes. The woman grabbed the phone and keys and ran away, locking the doctor in the bedroom with her hands, and rushing to the cell to release Blackie and Penny.

The three girls ran to the foyer and found the doctor had rushed out of the bedroom. They fought together, Black picked up the meat chopping hammer to smash the head and face, lost the leg of Penny creeping forward, aiming at the doctor’s thighs to make up for the pain, the doctor suffered a series of blows screaming, the heroine jumped on the doctor, shining a hard bite on the arm, the two wrestled on the stove, looking at the heroine is about to suffocate, Black jumped on the stove, a hard kick will be the doctor down. The three girls rushed out of the house, not far from the staggering doctor chased out with a gun. After a series of blows, his combat power has been greatly reduced, can only hold a gun to shoot indiscriminately. The three of them split into two, the heroine attracted the doctor’s attention, Black attacked from behind, they made every effort to beat the doctor was unable to resist, and finally the heroine grabbed the gun, aimed at the scum dog head gave a fatal blow. The girls ran to the nearby lighted warehouse and found no one inside. Just now in the fight the heroine dropped the phone, in order to call the police she had to run back to get, did not expect to collide with the doctor’s wife. She wants to strangle the heroine to avenge her husband, the exhausted heroine is unable to fight, at the critical moment Xiaohei arrived in time, swinging a shovel to seal the throat.

The film ends here, and the final anti-kill paragraph is a good one, making people applaud. To a certain extent, these bizarre and absurd scenarios of deception, abduction, imprisonment and trafficking could be the real-life experiences of women. After all, the history of patriarchal society, full of books written in two words, cannibalism.