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Avatar: The perfect interpretation of animated science fiction in the age of stereoscopy

James Cameron set a staggering box office record with Titanic, which won 11 Academy Awards in 1997. Avatar” is a science fiction film directed by James Cameron, its classic degree is no

5 thoughtful science fiction films, so you can not intention

These thoughtful films are far more frightening than horror films. This time to bring the 5 science fiction films, are not visually frightening to you, but will certainly make you think back

Wonderful 10 R-rated zombie movies

The zombie movie is the love of many movie fans. Splattered blood, flesh and blood, horror, brain, novelty. I have recommended many classic zombie movies before, such as “Resident Evil”, “Busan Row”,

Uncharted review: entertainment adventure treasure hunting experience wonderful movie

Uncharted as a PS exclusive action-adventure game, players in place of the protagonist Nathan Drake, launched in the world adventure treasure hunting, experience a variety of tense and exciting twists and turns

With a cast of British actors, this small budget mystery of the year is sure to be a hit – The Qutfit

A small tailor’s shop, five main characters and 90 minutes for a vintage British drama that combines crime, revenge, history, war and love. Not on a London West End stage, or at

Moonfall: bad review! Nothing to enjoy except for the special effects

The new film from disaster director Emmerich is a depressing watch. Once upon a time, Roland Emmerich was the leading Hollywood disaster film director. The quality of Hollywood disaster films, whether Independence

The new Batman review: the biggest surprise is the Joker, who played almost deleted light

Under the global epidemic, the release of the movie “The New Batman” was like a shot in the arm. In the first weekend after its release, the film took in $134 million

Vantage Point” review: a small and innovative suspense thriller

Vantage Point” is a 2008 suspense thriller film made by renowned director Peter Travis, the film is not expensive to create a Hollywood-style commercial blockbuster view, the film director clever use of

Personal Review of Coherence: 10 minutes of excitement

I recently started to re-member this movie, not its brain-burning plot, but what happens after the brain-burning plot. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the original group at the end

Finch’s movie review: tells a tender story

The first thing I felt after watching this movie was that this movie, should be in my top ten of the year. But of course, this is a very personal statement, the