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Review of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”: the plot keeps you coming back for more

A woman has just prepared food for her husband and son, but little does she know that this will be their last lunch. A cold-faced killer enters the farm owner’s home, sits

Cinderella Man review: how to get back from the bottom to the top

Cinderella Man is a film based on real life, it is mainly about the generation of boxing champion Brock from the peak of the fall to the trough, how to climb back

Don’t Breathe theft was imprisoned, the heroine’s father chased and killed touching

Born in 2016, this film, despite an investment of only $9.9 million, has earned $157 million at the global box office, making it a dark horse blockbuster. The three burglars are chased

lack Adam review: super surprise ending, where will the DC Extended Universe go?

Black Adam story background can be traced back to 5,000 years ago, in the Middle East there is an ancient kingdom of Kandak, where the king worshiped black magic, so he began

Top 10 confined space brain-burners, Forbidden Island is third and the top three definitely score high

Suspense films have always been a favourite of many fans because of their ups and downs and their sense of atmosphere. Among the many secondary labels for suspense films, there are countless

Jungle Cruise” review: this is a muscle man beautiful all the fierce movie

This movie is certainly not compared to the previous classic masterpiece of the same kind, but placed in the wretched North American market, than “Black Widow” “Speed 9” kind of counterfeit products

As Boas Maneiras-Homosexuality, imprisonment, unethical love, this werewolf movie is more than that

Through this, the movie tells us that when facing others, we really should not only see the identity tags of the other person, because regardless of race, gender, orientation or occupation, it

Why do we still need “Little Women”In the 21st century?

Every era needs a kind of delicate power. After recognizing the reality, it is true heroism to still love life. These kind, passionate and energetic warm girls will shine like flames in

“Jojo Rabbit”: Why did the captain help the Jews?

This movie with the background of World War II has many delicate details. One of the designs is why the captain would help Jewish girls? The answer to the Jewish girl protected

Leaving Las Vegas The most negative movie

I don’t agree with the content of this movie, and it cannot be denied that this is an extremely good movie. And Sarah just regarded Ben as a spiritual support in the