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Was Kong defeated or reconciled in Godzilla vs Kong?

Kong had just come back from the ICU and barely survived. He didn’t even rest for a few minutes. He grabbed an axe and chopped it from Earth to Mars. All of

Groundhog Day is a good movie that gets buried

We can achieve tomorrow by making today meaningful. Time is a timeless theme, and Groundhog Day reflects a time cycle. Phil is the weatherman, but is arrogant, arrogant, then such a groundhog

Top 10 Love Movies: Good movies have stories

Today I would like to recommend 10 heartwarming old movies about love and healing. Let’s take a look at the timeless classics. Groundhog Day I want to be with you even though

Give you life, how will you choose to spend it? — Review of Big Fish

A good movie is worth seeing again and again, and each time you see it, you get a different result. During the epidemic, I watched “Big Fish” again at home and still

Top 8 must-see classic movies

About the good movie we first point to like and collect, and adhere to watch, you will find a lot of surprises! “As Good as It Gets” You make me want to

The Shawshank Redemption. I’ve seen the movie no less than ten times

What this movie expresses is perfect, and I really like it. At the beginning of the movie, Andy was accused of murder, and the court sentenced Andy to life imprisonment with incomplete

Let’s get to know Barbie a little better.

Yesterday I read a story about Margot Robbie, who is the star of Barbie as well as a producer, revealing in a press interview that when she first pitched Barbie to Warner

AIR: You will always be remembered by everyone

I remember when I first saw the title of this film, I really didn’t understand what the Air of this film meant, and at that time I thought it was an aerospace

The Truman Show: A modern fable of truth and fantasy

Back in 1998, Paramount’s film “The Truman Show”, starring the famous Hollywood actor Kim Carey, used absurdity and exaggeration to tell the story of Truman, the protagonist of the popular soap opera.

3 idiots: A humanist sentiment of inspiration and destiny

3 idiots is a 2010 school-themed youthful inspirational film directed by Indian director Rakumar Hirani, starring Aamir Khan, Kareena Karp and Madhavan in a comedy film based on the debut novel “The