Black Widow movie review: let people remember a classic strategy game “Red Alert

Some people may be confused, how is this associated with? In fact, probably because most of our domestic people are playing the pirated version of the neutered plot, which does not have the content of the live performance of the over-the-top information, resulting in a lot of people on the “Red Alert” the game’s story background is not so well understood, the introduction of the campaign mode also do not care, some even more directly open the “encounter” mode to play on the end of the matter.

The real face of agent Tanya, some people may not have seen it? A closer look is quite similar to the Black Widow! In fact, when you understand a lot of “Red Alert” game story background, plot and many settings of the Soviet camp in the game you will not be difficult to find the game almost in all aspects of discrediting the Soviet Union as the representative of the Gczy countries (the game that is Soviet Russia, Cuba, Libya, Iraq, these countries). We can come to a general analysis: first of all, please think back to the Soviet camp used those special combat units are what? If you are familiar with it, you will recall: radiation engineers, self-destructing trucks, crazy Evans, terrorists, Kirov airships, etc.. These other aside, just listen to the name of the feeling that each is a crazy extremist ah! Plus they attack either self-destructive, or nuclear radiation, it looks and feels very [anti-human].

The radiation engineers, the classic Iraqi combat soldier, in contrast to the Allied camp, what the French giant gun, Blackhawk fighters, snipers and so on at least are very normal combat units. Not only that, like what light prism tank light prism tower, phantom tank, rocket flight soldier, hyperspace conversion soldier, hyperspace conversion device, which sounds every future science fiction sense ah! Not than the Soviet army that primitive earthy taste a hundred times better? There are also Soviet super weapons are also nuclear weapons, power generation equipment is also nuclear power plants, you will find that these are very polluting tools, a serious violation of international treaties and mainstream values. But then take a look at the Allied camp’s geothermal power stations and lightning storms, a comparison makes the Allies look extremely noble. Look at your Soviet troops with nuclear weapons to pollute and destroy, our Allied power generation methods are so environmentally friendly and have the ability to manipulate the weather! This immediately stood in the moral high ground ah. What is even more speechless is that the Soviet Army’s basic combat soldier is what everyone jokingly calls “neck right screw” – mobilization soldier worth 100 yuan a, while the Allied dogs actually 200 yuan a …… In addition, the mobilized soldiers will also kill civilians of their own accord, while the American GIs will not. The other most worthwhile example is a very powerful special Soviet soldier, and a popular character in the game – Yuri.

This character is an allusion to Soviet Big Brother, whose exclusive function is psychological control and can turn enemies into units of their own. Plus the Soviets have a mind beacon tower, which is clearly a satire of what they consider to be the Soviet Gczy autocratic ideological brainwashing function. Speaking of which, look at “Black Widow”, which also uses a mind-controlling drug to make all the Widows as Yuri “brainwashed” control of the tools of the general, neat and tidy without independent thought: “Black Widow” movie screenshots and also the “Black Widow” movie screenshots.

The “Black Widow” movie screenshot is also the “Red Alert” to the Soviet camp into an image that does not pay any attention to or even disregard for human rights, for example, I remember that it should be in the first level of the Soviet campaign mission, the Soviet commander said what mobilized soldiers are not worth, sacrifice does not matter probably so meaning it. And the Allied side is never to send a powerful Tanya agent to the sky and earth a person dry over a bunch of enemies, almost will not have any mass casualties to reflect the Allied emphasis on military life. And look at “Black Widow”, those little girls were taken to the red house to cut off their uterus ovaries and a series of reproductive organs, were trained in an inhumane way to become killing machines, this is not also the same means of black Soviet Union?

Finally, look at one of the main characters and the villain of the two Soviets. People first think about what image of Captain America, and then look at the red captain, which is simply TM from the external image to the strength of the deliberate and the United States team to the opposite ah! And the villain, a set of obscene, ruthless, cruel, fat old in one, perfectly in line with the Soviet Union in the Hollywood blockbuster villain image of evil, I used to listen to a blogger studying history in the United Kingdom, their textbook is a traditionalist book. A few examples from the book are interesting: “In World War II, the Nazis only had to mobilize the Soviets to fight the Soviet regime, and they were sure to win, and Stalin disappeared a few days after the war because he knew he was going to be overthrown by the people who had longed for democratic power” “Democracies in Europe and the United States World War II took great care of the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union was playing its own little game every day, not sharing information with the Allies, and privatizing Eastern Europe, and if the U.S. hadn’t sent so many big trucks to the Soviet Union, it would have been gone long ago.” Anyway, everything the Soviet Union did was wrong, crude, irrational, and what it did was blacked out, and not compared to other countries. In fact, the Soviet Union did do a lot of bad things, but these really are too much black in the West. And even if the Soviet Union sucks again, I think who scold seems to have no turn to scold the Yanks, right? But over the years, the U.S. has done its best to suppress, discredit, mock, and degrade the image of the Soviet Union in its various literary and media works. For example, it is common to see American World War II films that deliberately exaggerate the bravery and prowess of the British and American allied forces in World War II, and then belittle the image of Soviet soldiers, downplaying many viewers’ perceptions of their contribution in World War II. I thought by 2021 Hollywood this set of play should be almost, the results like comic book movies such a level of commercial blockbusters or engage in this kind of drama set is really unpleasant! Others may not want to listen to these things that rise to ideology, but even if the evaluation of the film itself, “Black Widow” as a blend of espionage, suspense, action blockbuster, these three types of points you see which point well done? I don’t know what the psychology of those who blow the action scenes of this play is especially awesome, other than the poor Marvel universe “Captain America 2” is also very far from ah!

Captain America 2″ is my heart mcu action scene design best and I can not understand is that, although this is with science fiction color superhero film, but the Black Widow even if the bully is at least a person, right? She is not like the Hulk, Spider-Man as a mutant superhero, actually drive by rocket launchers, hit by armored vehicles on a few superficial injuries?

This impact actually fine? Really for the pursuit of the so-called visual effects even disregard for common sense. They actually do not understand such a simple truth: when your protagonist is almost never injured and die, then even if the audience will not watch the thrilling scenes! Anyway, all the motherfuckers are a copper head, iron arms and blood thick to invincible well! Plus those action stunts look even if the green screen computer special effects to complete, simply will not attract people. In addition, now Hollywood blockbusters are not regardless of how big the previous resentment and misunderstanding, or simply regardless of what the motivation is, what the character has gone through the journey, how the idea of transformation, what internal struggle, anyway, just sitting together to talk a few words quickly transformed, quickly reconciled, immediately from resentment into a happy Family? So I think we do not always spray next door “Fast and Furious 9”, according to me now this Hollywood blockbusters are like this, I want to see if this goes on, when these routines can play them to death.

The biggest problem with “Black Widow” is the mediocrity …… you can hardly imagine from the 2008 “Iron Man” to 2019 “Avengers 4” among those more than 20 have not had any problems with Marvel, how can there be problems in this film that has been studied for ten years. The previous Marvel movies, even though “Black Panther” “Captain Marvel” these still have some controversy, but also are focused on the plot and characterization of the trolls, no one will question the commercial elements of the popcorn scenes, after all, these big productions with hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, in the manufacture of big scenes in the sky and earth or maintain the top level. By the time “Black Widow”, except for a few action scenes with the imitation of the master is not bad (especially the bridge on the small part), almost all other aspects of the crotch, it is difficult to imagine that this will be the opening of the fourth phase of the work – compared to the year “Iron Man”, this is a world of difference. Although the previous “Spider-Man” plus the epidemic, more or less, but this still can not be said, because “Black Widow” no matter put in any time period to release, it is unlikely to make the audience more than satisfied. In addition to the scenes are not strong, the literary scenes are also very anxious. Obviously Natasha’s growth can be a wonderful story of a girl growing up alone and strong in the stormy times, but Marvel is so rich in story elements in the original comic, simple and crude distillation of the “family”. The Fast and the Furious” bald Don boss has been chanting Family has been very annoying, to the “Black Widow” in the protagonist no matter who are beginning to read this word, which makes the audience have a kind of Family PTSD feeling. Not that family can not be mentioned, in fact, the screenwriter’s mind we also understand: a female spy carrying a betrayal, homeland, killing and other unpleasant past, but in the heart but want a happy and complete family. This is very easy to evoke the audience’s empathy. But the audience is not stupid, everyone’s love for parents and siblings that kind of love, not you find a few actors on the screen to read a few lines Family can be on the line. Not to mention the middle of the cabin that is super long and boring super people doze off the chatting scene …… this may be the most boring literary scene I’ve ever seen Marvel. The whole 15 minutes, a group of protagonists from the living room to talk to the dining room, from the dining room to talk to the bedroom, from the afternoon to the evening, from the evening to talk late at night. I understand that it is in the structure of the script to let the audience calm down, to meet the following dramatic conflict of a scene, but this script is really written too boring …… a group of people chatting around is only we are a family ah so we should forget the past and so on …… What is there to talk about? In addition, there are really decades of conflict, how can arrange 15 minutes of dialogue to resolve? At the very least, you should also realize that blood is thicker than water in the battle, right? A commercial action film relies on the mouth to promote the feelings of the protagonists, you think it is “Deadpool” it? Even if you want to be a dead man, the action scenes are not sloppy ah! And the villain is still nothing new want to use some very easy to be broken means to rule the world …… base will also be built in a place full of middle-class temperament and very easy to be blasted, the protagonist will always talk to the villain to conquer all mankind but I will not give in to your mouth. These I even feel bored typing …… so the whole “Black Widow” so quite boring completed 130 minutes …… in vain Scarlett Johansson, but also in vain Black Widow so a popular role. Even people spit are too lazy to spit, because too boring, will be directly forgotten. In the story Black Widow did not have a decent funeral, forgotten by the characters; off-screen, the film’s terrible plot, will also be quickly forgotten.

Black Widow”: the wrong movie at the wrong time After skipping more than a year because of the epidemic, the “Black Widow” monolithic movie was finally released in North American theaters and Disney+, Disney’s streaming platform, in July this year. Then, the much-anticipated new Marvel movie and Phase 4 opener fell back into the bottom of a thousand word-of-mouth valleys overnight.

Black Widow” is a film made at the wrong point in time a complete mistake. The film is actually the story of Widow who, after the civil war of “Team America 3”, escaped because of the Sokovia Accords and returned to her original “family” in the meantime to work with them to destroy the Red House, the Soviet institution that had used her as a murder weapon to train. So, the most appropriate time to tell this story is not now, but at the end of “Team America 3”, before the start of “The Revenant 3”. If it had been released then, “Black Widow” may not have been met with so much criticism.

It’s too late to keep putting it off until now. A good bowl of hot tofu, cold into cold tofu, stinky tofu. The failure of “Black Widow” is in large part due to the overall strategic mistakes of Marvel Studios. Instead of discussing the shortcomings of “Black Widow” itself, why not talk about what went wrong with Marvel and why there was such a strategic mistake. One, missed the Widow’s popularity at its peak. Within the past three phases of the MCU, Black Widow has always been one of the characters with the highest number of appearances and the most attention, she has appeared in a total of eight films, second only to Iron Man’s record of nine. At the same time, this is another important character that almost ties together the entire Avengers, infiltrating Stark Industries to examine Downey for Nick Fury; finding and tracking the Winter Soldier in Ukraine; traveling to India to recruit Bruce Banner; using Loki’s scepter to close the Tesseract portal in the Battle of New York; and working with Team America to destroy the Hydra organization lurking inside S.H.I.E.L.D…. …In the absence of a single movie, the Widow has also long since become the central figure of the entire reunion.

If you can borrow this character at this time to do a collusion between Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the former Soviet Union agents, perhaps the “Team America 3” story of the Cold War background will be more standable, and incidentally can also better account for her and Hawkeye’s “Budapest love affair”. In 2019, audiences around the world already know that the Widow was sacrificed to obtain the Soul Gem, so no matter how good the “Black Widow” monolithic film can be after this, it can only be a memorial and remembrance, the character’s ending has been set, it is difficult to tell any new story. What’s more, the theme of the fourth phase is “crazy multiverse”, the protagonist will certainly be similar to Dr. Strange, Loki or Red Witch these new heroes who have the ability to change the timeline or can travel freely in the multiverse.

The Widow’s use is more in the second and third phase of the war on terror, in the fourth phase of the importance will be greatly reduced. The Black Widow” eggs, unprecedentedly did not appear in any cameo role, because the timeline really does not allow, can only let the new Black Widow take over the Widow, hard to open a new story line to. This gesture, as if rushing to tell the story of the old generation of heroes, will be impatient to pave the way for newcomers feel.

The United States team retired, still need a whole “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” to reflect on the post-United States era. And after the widow’s death, because there is really no way to modify the story set, it can only be perfunctory. Can not shoot the role between the inner resonance, can not shoot the intergenerational heritage, can only shoot the people gone tea bleak sense of desolation. Third, the most politically correct stage of development of the American film. Outside the movie, all the way to 2021 politically correct Disney, has long been in excessive advocacy of women’s rights and family unity on the road more and more magic.

Last year’s “Mulan” has actually focused on exposing Disney’s lack of ability in making feminist films (I don’t even want to call this a feminist film, because the essence of the latter is for affirmative action, the former’s intention is for the box office), but I didn’t expect “Black Widow” to make any progress in this area, but rather a big step backwards. 1991, when Master Lei made “The End of the Road”, he knew To show the heroine’s self-growth and active choice to achieve female independence. Thirty years later, “Black Widow” still naively believes that by knocking down one or two hardened Soviet Big Brother-style patriarchal targets can express the theme of women’s affirmative action.

The so-called family theme has long been played out by a bunch of skinheads led by Chef Fan and Guo Da over the past few years. Drive a car, fight, say we are family even if it is a family routine and even if the Christmas and Easter gifts are fake, but the feelings between the family is real routine is essentially the same, really bad evenly. To bring up another bold and offensive point, I don’t even think Widowed Sister needs to be a one-shot movie. Let such a female character with a bit of mystery in a comic book movie to gradually win the audience’s love as a supporting character is always the most successful character building strategy in the first three stages of the MCU layout plan. You know, and next door DC universe obsessed with dark and gloomy pretend to be deep, about the profound strategy of the play is different, the most important key factor in the achievement of the first ten years of Marvel movies is its ability to shape the image of the character.

Marvel chose to let the audience to the characters rather than the plot to generate feelings, in order to build such a huge universe of heroes at the same time, but also to make each key role is impressive. So, keep the mystery of the widow, let the audience in a little bit of pieces to grasp the character, but rather than make a single movie completely reveal the past life of the widow, the audience in the first generation of the reunion of a host of male superheroes, better to remember this unique charm of the heroine. The logic of having to make a single movie to establish a monument for a hero is too male-centric, does the widow really need this kind of affirmation?

Marvel had to choose to put “Black Widow” as the first work of the fourth phase, now it seems to be a choice of necessity, is the layout of this decade will eventually come to the symptoms of the outbreak: do not shoot it, not dry the initial generation of the reunion of the money tree on the last bit of commercial value, can not account for the life of the new Black Widow. Shoot it, in fact, do not know what to shoot, only to make up the time to make up the word count. Chicken ribs, tasteless, discarded.

This is why the whole “Black Widow” presents a kind of everyone knows that the film is not necessary to shoot, but do not shoot and it is difficult to roll this bigger and bigger narrative snowball round mentality. If Marvel had not spread out too much, as a stand-alone movie “Black Widow” may not need to carry so many narrative tasks, fully able to let go to create a Hollywood action movie with a retro style of the Cold War.

The actual fact is, it is a comic book movie, a will be a tool, the widow is a tool after all. Within the movie, the 39-year-old Natasha Romanoff time traveled back to 2014 and chose to sacrifice herself on the planet Vormir in order to obtain the soul gem. Outside the movie, the years of delayed “Black Widow” monolithic film was eventually sacrificed in order to carry the task of carrying on the two phases of the MCU, completely reduced to a clichéd and instrumental transitional film.

Inside and outside the film, the Black Widow Natasha Romanoff are always a tragic role. If possible, how I hope the widow’s ending, stay in the moment when she fled to Norway because of the violation of the Sokovia agreement, alone in a friend’s RV eating snacks and watching the movie.