Better Nate Than Ever Review: A Journey to Follow Your Dreams

Better Nate Than Ever” Afterthoughts (I): A dose of seasoning under the epidemic’s tense mind

It is very relaxing, because recently the epidemic is always distracted, some anxiety. I started watching this movie at night and felt a lot more relaxed after watching it, there was joy and tears, and the second I opened it I saw the bright tones and layout of the movie and knew it was a movie that would make people happy after watching it. Sometimes you don’t need to see any philosophical ideas or social reality to watch a movie, just relax and unwind, it’s also very good. Children pursuing their dreams, persistent middle-aged people, singing and dancing in New York, enlightened parents, all these bright elements can make the mind calm.

Better Nate Than Ever” Afterthoughts (2): Sometimes you should just act like a kid

The unsuspecting story direction, too ideal character raising, but can warm healing worldly hearts, but also bring happiness to the gloomy people, perhaps such pure beauty is the hope of living firmly …… small male lead need not say much, dynamic and cute quirky, but in the stage to play this piece really seems to lack of ability, may be to counteract The actual reality, after all, in the dream performance is not at all like the usual look. In addition, two lines in the film are also worth sharing: “I have a dream to chase, let the city cry ……” and “Everything has its own season to flourish, everything has its own time to happen.” In short, the film from beginning to end can make people very relaxed forget time, and then immersed in the fairy tale like imagination, this point is very recommendable.

Better Nate Than Ever” Afterthoughts (3): This is the beginning.

Disney is not good for political correctness? This time blind? Mute it? Pretend not to see?

The whole film on a pair of Asian families of mother and daughter is bad, the protagonist from beginning to end full of malice, full of merit. They are full of merit. They report everything. Who are you trying to make fun of, director? Who are you taking for fools? Children’s films you all do so, the dog foreigners really damage the yin loss of virtue, really fucking bad. The black girlfriend, the Indian in the same scene, the brother’s girlfriend of Mexican descent are all good people, only these two Asians are bad. You play too clear it.

You think you this point dog lung I can not see that, on cursing, who did not grow a mouth? The first thing you need to do is to start cursing at each other from now on. If you want to play, many people will play with you later. Asians are so selfish. All applauded, she was not happy, she did not applaud the protagonist, because she is subjectively very bad.