A Quiet Place is A horror movie that will scare you and make you cry

The front foot has “Annihilation” thriller science fiction movie, the back foot has this “A Quiet Place”, it is not only A thriller, even can say that it is by the science fiction coat, made A warm cry your horror movie.

The film opened to rave reviews, which is rare in the horror genre, and creative. “A Quiet Place” is A movie with A very Quiet atmosphere, but it can make the audience very emotional. When Da Cong watched the film in the cinema, it was the quietest experience he had experienced in recent years. Even if others bought popcorn and drinks, they ate them with great care, for fear of making too much noise and letting the characters in the film be discovered.

This shows that “A Quiet Place” does A good job of making the audience feel deeply involved, and that this kind of viewing experience has been A success. The first scene of A Quiet Place, with its deserted city streets and A few newspaper images, neatly tells the audience that the world of A Quiet Place 2020 is invaded by aliens.

These creatures can’t see, but they have long ears, and they only attack species that make sounds. So the only option for humans to survive is to keep quiet! Such a large pattern of background, the film after the end of the instantaneous reduction to a family, parents raise three children, they and the human forces lost contact, had to self-reliance, with their own quiet way to live. They go barefoot in order to keep quiet, no matter how cold it is, and they cover their usual paths with sand in order to make no noise.

In this terrifying environment, even though most people could talk (except my daughter), they had to shut up and each other had to use sign language. All activities in the home, they also want to keep quiet, even if a game of chess, to put the pieces into knitting. But they such quiet days, there will always be a day to be broken, their life and death, hanging by a thread…

After watching the film, I don’t want to categorize A Quiet Place as a horror film. At its core, it’s more like a counterplot to family and love redemption. And I was able to read a lot of contemporary satire and meditation on love in A Quiet Place.

  1. Talk and you’ll be beaten

In A Quiet Place, people are attacked whenever they make a noise. It’s a lot like our society today, where if you have a different opinion, if you want to express yourself, and those opinions and voices are not in line with the majority of people, they will be attacked. Especially cyber violence, because everyone’s real identity is hidden in the dark, this more burst out in people’s hearts of evil. On the network, as long as the first “voice” big, will inevitably cause everyone’s attention, if these voices are harsh, will inevitably cause everyone’s attack. But often we are affected by the public opinion of the matter, perhaps the truth has already sunk into the abyss can not see clearly, so we often can see on the network, an event today is a kind of side, tomorrow is another world.

Reminds me of the Dark Forest Law in The Three-Body Problem.The law of the dark forest is that in the silent universe, each higher species must keep quiet, as long as you make a sound, there will be higher species to attack you, so as to ensure the safety of their own civilization. So silence is the safest way to live.In the opening scene of “A Quiet Place,” the youngest son holds up a NASA rocket and tells his sister in sign language that we can get away from these monsters if we just take the rocket.

This sentence seems to be the brother’s good wishes, but combined with the Dark Forest Law of “The Three-Body Problem”, coupled with the film’s alien creatures have keen hearing. Da Cong’s imagination believes that it should be human beings who sent the so-called “friends from afar” to the universe before the invitation was found by extraterrestrial organisms, so that the earth was invaded. The younger brother’s talk about getting away from them by rocket probably means that some of the powerful people have left the earth by rocket, or are living above the earth or something.

And these scenarios, in fact, make a mockery of what we humans do in real life. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 missions, which the United States sent into outer space in the 1970s, contain 115 images that identify human civilization, including music and the sounds of Earth’s nature. Now think of really scared, in such a silent universe, human completely exposed their own civilization, so really good! ?

2. Silence violence

Early in the movie, the younger son is killed for his love of a singing spaceship toy. And the indirect reason is the elder sister. This accident also brought great estrangement to the whole family. Although the father did not blame the elder sister on the surface, he did not let the elder sister participate in important matters or step into the basement.

The sister because of the death of her little brother, into a deep remorse, thus also misunderstood the family’s view of their own, become more sensitive. These are invisible to the whole family cast a shadow of silence.

In other words, if the characters in the movie could speak normally, the death of the little brother would also lead to silence and estrangement between the father and the sister, and the silence in the movie is exactly the point of silence and violence in the family.

Most of the time we are in real life, between relatives, there are a lot of words that can not be said, in our traditional Chinese culture, is the so-called family words can not be said too full, there is something in the conversation, the point to stop, the way to speak and so on.

Because of this, most of the time, families clearly love each other, but due to some previous friction and misunderstanding, or irreversible pain, due to emotion and verbal expression, resulting in silent injury.

Sometimes it is not terrible to talk between families. What is terrible is the silent cold war between each other, which will pull the affection farther and farther.

2. As the voice of love

“A Quiet Place” sets the film in an extremely quiet environment, and the sound becomes an important symbol. In the movie, making a voice is a call to death, but it’s also a voice for love. In the film, there is a scene in which the protagonist meets an old man who is killed by an alien creature. At this moment, the old man also loses the will to live. At this moment, he chooses to shout for his wife and let the alien take his life and go to the grave together with her. The night after their encounter with an alien is also the climax of the film’s voice for love.

The originally timid son, in order to attract the aliens to save his father, chose to make noises in the truck to attract the aliens, while the father, in order to save his daughter and son, chose to shout to attract the aliens, sacrificing his own life to save his child.

The moment the father chooses to attract the alien, he finally expresses his love for his daughter, and the gap between them is bridged, but so is the gap between father and daughter. See here, it is estimated that many people will tear eyes.

This paragraph also implies that we should speak out when we have love in our life, and don’t wait until the last moment of life to be shy about expressing our love. All in all, A Quiet Place creates a very good atmosphere and is the first thriller of the year to make a splash. Of course, if the film is carefully analyzed, there are still some serious wounds. Women, for example, experienced significantly lower levels of pain during childbirth.

The baby’s birth cry was too small. Why Are Aliens Afraid of Sister’s Hearing Aid Frequency? If a mother can kill aliens with a single shot, why can’t sophisticated human weapons defeat them? Such bugs, “a silent place” seems to have no meaning to explain, but as Big Cong said in front, the film is just a sci-fi thriller horror coat of the back of the family movie.

And if the audience can see excitement, be frightened, feel kinship and love, and feel creative in A Quiet Place, the movie has already succeeded.

As a final digression, which is definitely not a joke, I saw A Quiet Place in a theater that was almost full.

When the movie was most serious and quiet, someone in the theater actually let out a loud fart!! Full audience laugh blast!!

A serious, sad and silent thriller with no atmosphere!! Get behind the movie a quiet moment to have the audience laugh! This is also a big Cong the most laugh and cry of a movie! I hope you don’t watch the movie with this meme.