A long review of Inception, there are always some details that you might have overlooked

“Inception” came out in 2010, and nine years later it was already in the top 10 of the comprehensive review sites. It is a supreme honor, watched over and over again by those who love it, and more often than not there is something new to learn each time.

The following is not a standard format film review, but rather an analysis of some of the issues that we still debate today. In addition, because the film is a subjective work of art, coupled with the difference of everyone’s way of thinking, some people will agree or strongly disagree with any analysis.

“Inception” belongs to the suspense (brain-burning) series in terms of its property definition, and its biggest brain-burning has two points:

(1) How to build dreams, timing ratio, how to wake up, and whether it is theoretically feasible.

(2) How to distinguish reality from dreams, what dangers there are, and how to understand the final outcome.

The movie begins:

Cobb is woken up by a wave on the beach. The guard who caught Cobb says to an old man, “He’s delirious, but he’s designated to see you.” Therefore, Cobb was led by the guards to a vicissitudes of life in front of an old man, who looked at the spinning top and said, “I know what this is. I saw it in a man long ago, and we met in a dream.”

After saying these words, Cobb suddenly looked up, his eyes full of brightening, and stopped eating.

This is the first scene of the opening of the film, and this scene is linked to the final scene of the lost area and the search for Saito, which we will list here later.

What is Inception: Cobb and his team are the “Inception Men” in the movie, which means stealing.

They allow the target to be drugged into a dream state, and they themselves follow the target into a dream state, in which they achieve their predetermined purpose: to steal some important information and secret from the target’s mind. This is called theft.

The realization of this process needs to meet the following five conditions.

Condition 1: dream construction

Ordinary people dream normally, but dreams are disordered, they are not regular, they are not stable. But if we are disturbed by some kind of electromagnetic wave before the dream, and this radio wave can be set by different wavelength, strength and so on, to transmit and build the basic framework of the dream we are about to enter, it will set certain general environment information, such as day, city, age… It can even pinpoint the layout of a room in the place where the dream takes place.

So dream builders, by using radio waves, create a maze in a person’s mind, and map that maze into a dream. We know is to find the meaning of the maze is the final destination, dream builders design of labyrinth, the dream has the same function, and the depths of the target in this maze, can add after induction, in the subconscious lead dream labyrinth walk to the end, and that the end is what you need to steal the dreamer to steal secret.

This is the basis for the theory that dream building and dream stealing can exist.

Condition 2: The dream was stable

We know that when we dream at ordinary times, it will be extremely unstable, a turn over, a small movement of the outside world, may interrupt our dream we are doing, easy to be interrupted, and can not continue the characteristics of ordinary dreams.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the dream is not interrupted and can achieve long-term persistence, the dream team will take a certain dose of sedatives every time they enter the dream, in order to ensure that the dream is stable and undisturbed.

Condition 3: How do I wake up

Dreams can have multiple layers, which are commonly known as dream within a dream. Ordinary people occasionally dream within a dream when they normally dream, but these are the odds and are not under our control.

At the same time, the higher the dream level in the dream, the more unstable it is.

The dream level normally set by the dream team is two levels, namely reality → dream 1→ dream 2; It terminates at a maximum of two floors.

If you want to wake up in more than one level of dream, you can commit suicide in Dream 2, wake up in Dream 1, and then continue to commit suicide in Dream 1 and wake up in reality. There are two other ways to wake up :(1) You can wake up and the dream collapses when the time point set before you enter the dream ends normally; (2) Synergistic fall, that is, arrange physical fall at the same time in the first floor and the second floor, then you can wake up floor by floor when you fall.

Condition 4: Time difference

Time in dreams will flow differently from reality, and the ratio of dream to reality is different for each person, which is related to the level of cerebral cortex activity.

Under normal circumstances, when no agent is used, the time velocity ratio is 12 to 1 for each layer. One day in reality corresponds to 12 days in Dream 1 and 144 days in Dream 2. But when the dose of the sedative was increased, cortical activity accelerated, and the ratio rose to around 20.

Condition 5: Identify the situation

When we normal people wake up in the dream, sometimes they will be slightly dizzy, and the brain will stay in the dream world for a short time. It needs a short time to recover before we can gradually wake up.

Similarly, if the dreamer stays in the dream for a long time, his frame will become fuller and closer to the reality, which will lead to the fact that the dreamer cannot distinguish whether he is in the reality or in the dream. This is also the reason why Corbusier always emphasizes that familiar scenes should not be used to frame the dream.

A “totem” is needed to distinguish between the present environment, a dream and a reality.Take a gyro for example. In reality, the gyro will fall down after spinning for a period of time, but in the dream, it will keep spinning.

New Quest: When the mission to steal Saito fails, he faces the threat of Saito and the temptation to return home. Corbusier chose to take on a task that he had never done before: planting dreams, that is, implanting ideas.

The difference between planting ideas and stealing information:

We often say that the drink spits truth, the dream tells the truth, the person will be induced in the dream subliminal or in drunk after the cerebral cortex is paralytic, say a few hide the secret in the heart, so to steal the secret, need to set good environment only, undertake corresponding induction can.

Implanting ideas, however, does not work. The formation of an idea requires not only long time to settle, but also the target’s acceptance and approval from the bottom of his heart. Therefore, it needs to be implanted from the subconscious, and after a long period of time, he will deeply believe that this idea is what he has always wanted.

Saito’s mission this time is to give Fisher, heir to the world’s largest energy company, the option of dismantling his father’s legacy.

From a practical point of view, the group company is a huge fortune, and it is almost impossible for anyone to choose to disintegrate and give up. In addition, such elite figures usually have strong willpower, so it is more difficult to implant them than ordinary people.

Therefore, for this task, we need to make in-depth improvement in the two aspects of dream building and dream level.

Dream construction improvement: After Cobb meets his father-in-law, his father-in-law provides a new dream builder, Ali Redney. “She’s better than you,” his father-in-law says to Cobb.

Ellen is an excellent dream builder, and she has many innovative and unconventional designs, which are not described in the film.

Dream level up: On the first assignment, Cobb’s assistant Arthur asks Saito, “Now I tell you not to think of elephants, what will you think of?” Saito says, “Elephants.”

So negative beliefs, or similar beliefs that tell people not to do things, are strongly counterattacked, but positive ones are not. For example, the idea is “you think about elephants,” and you will think about elephants.

What Corbusier needs to do is to change the negative into positive and achieve the goal at the same time. But the normal two layers of dreams don’t turn the negative into the positive, and the two layers of dreams don’t flow fast enough to embed the idea deeper.

So this time, they set up three levels of dreaming.

The first level of dream implantation: the relationship between Fisher and his father was broken, and Fisher subconsciously did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps. This is a negative concept.

The second layer of dream implantation: the transformation from no longer following in my father’s footsteps to I want to start my own business, which is a positive concept, but not enough to support the collapse of the group industry left by my father.

The third level of dream implantation: reverse the father-son relationship, so that the cause of the collapse of the industry becomes the father’s hope that he can do what he wants to do. This is also a positive concept, and at the same time, the negative factor of the previous father-son relationship is repaired.

When the three layers of dreams are added together, the negative idea of disintegration is turned into a positive one, and the purpose is achieved.

But it takes far more time to implant the idea than to steal it, and you need to make sure the implant is not interrupted. They chose to do it on Fisher’s flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

This flight will take 10 hours in total. According to the comparison of the dream time flow rate, the dream time of the first layer will be one week, the second layer will be half a year, and the third layer will be ten years, with a flow rate ratio of about 20 times.

At the same time in order to ensure that into three layers dreams still keeps stable, cobb chose to increase use tranquilizer dosage, and the side effects of added medicine bring, if prior to end of sedative effect, dreams of people dead, will be back to reality, because the pain brought death has no incentive to ensure that real people can wake up.

Like after the soul returns, but the body is still in a state of death, the soul cannot return to the body, then it will enter another level of state mentioned in the movie: the original dream, lost domain.

Therefore, two conditions must be met to enter the lost land :(1) death in the dream; (2) the use of increased dose of sedatives, death did not reach the time of drug failure.

In the movie, Corbusier and his wife once entered this dream.

Both Cobb and his wife are dream thieves. In an experiment, they choose to add a dose of tranquilizer, and enter four layers of dreams in succession. Finally, they grow old together in the fourth layer of dreams, and finally die of old age after 50 years.

When we calculate the time, they have slept all night in real life, and we calculate the flow rate as 12 hours, which is 20 times higher than the normal flow rate. That is, the first layer dream is 10 days, the second layer dream is 200 days, the third layer dream is 4,000 days, and the fourth layer dream is 80,000 days, which is equivalent to 219 years. At the 50th year of the dream of the fourth layer, Mr. And Ms. Cobb died of old age. At this time, they were still in a coma in reality, so they entered the lost domain.

How to wake up and what happens when you enter the lost zone, we’ll talk about that later.

Back to the above three layers of dream building, after the theoretical support + past experience + model upgrade, and Saito bought the entire airline, everything is ready to act immediately.

After Cobb’s team and the target character Fisher rise into the air, they immediately enter the first layer of dream, the dreamer of the first layer of dream is the maker of tranquilizer Yusuf.

The first layer of dream of the original plan: let the mustang as fisher the godfather of Browning, fisher will get father left in the mouth of Browning a spare the secrets of the will, a will is to let the content of the fisher dissolution of the entire group, at the same time under the induction of Browning, can let fisher understood as it was his father very disappointed to myself, and then achieve the purpose of let broken father-son relationship.

However, something happened in the dream of the first layer. Fisher, as the sole heir of the big group, used to find a specialized dreamer to do anti-theft training. Once Fisher was dragged into his own dream or others’ dream, he would immediately enter the resistance procedure.

In make false Browning and fisher quickly complete after meet, cobb team sit on the bus, in the car immediately into the second dream, the second dream dream Lord Arthur, note here, each layer of the dream the dream of the Lord is unable to enter to the next layer of dream, so this layer stay driver is the first layer of dream dream Lord yusuf.

Due to an accident in the dream of the first layer, the planned dream of the second layer, which allowed Fisher to choose the six months needed to start his own business, became unable to be realized due to the protection of Fisher’s dream.

Therefore, Cobb changes his plan. In the second dream, Cobb chooses to tell Fisher that he is Fisher’s dream trainer and comes to protect him. At the same time, Cobb tells Fisher that he is currently in someone else’s dream and Browning is the conspirator behind it.

Under Cobb’s guidance and persuasion, Fisher’s reflection of Browning in the second dream gradually changed from his godfather to the opposite, and Cobb became the person Fisher trusted.

Cobb then persuades Fisher to enter Browning’s dream to find out what is the plot behind Browning’s back.

So Arthur stays behind, Cobb, Fisher and others enter the third dream level, where Fisher is the dreamer, not Browning.

Here we need to explain why Fisher is the dreamer, but Corbusier deceives Fisher by saying that he is in Browning’s dream :(1) Browning himself is a dream mapping of Fisher, so he is not qualified to be the dreamer; (2) Having Browning as the dreamer doesn’t make sense for the whole project; (3) The purpose of deceiving Fisher is to make the dream of Fisher in the next level map. When attacking them, it can be interpreted as Browning’s attack, so that Fisher will not suspect it.

The third level of the dream was originally planned to be set in a hospital, in order to reconcile the father and his son, using the words “I am disappointed because you chose to be me” when they last met, a will in a safe and a windmill to witness the affection of the father and his son.

Although the first two layers of dreams have changed, if the purpose set in the plan can be accomplished in the third layer, and the character of Browning’s villain in the second and first layers is constructed, when Fisher wakes up in reality, the original plan of finally allowing Fisher to disintegrate the company can still be achieved.

But the third layer again accident, cobb deep subconscious imprisoned wife lill, again at a critical moment, and shooting down a fisher fisher unconscious, dying, when fisher doesn’t because that is not dead, he entered the fourth layer of dream, but this dream belongs to the unconscious, is equivalent to our normal dream.

This prevented Fisher from seeing his father for the last time and seeing the windmill and the will.

Is about to give up in time, ali rhett advice: her dreams and cobb also choose to enter the fourth layer, and using the principle of accelerated time, before fisher not completely dead, cobb from the fourth layer USES the falling dreams, the third layer of the dream with the method of electric shock, let fisher woke up in the third floor, and then continue to achieve the purpose to meet his father.

Thus, the fourth layer of dream begins. The dreamer is Cobb, and the entry personnel are Cobb, Fisher and Ali Redney. Fisher, who had entered the unconscious state of the dream, was brought back into Corbusier’s dream under the stimulation of connected radio waves.

The dreamer of the fourth layer is Cobb, and Cobb and his wife once lived in the dream of the fourth layer for 50 years. Everything here was created by the two of them. Therefore, Cobb immediately took Ali Redney to find Fisher, where he again met Lil, who was the reflection of Cobb’s subconscious wife.

Cobb lets Ali Redney and Fisher fall from a high place and return to the third level of the dream, but Cobb chooses to stay on the fourth level. He stays in order to find Saito, who eventually dies in the third layer of the dream due to a gunshot wound sustained in the first layer of the dream, but the sedated time does not run out, and he enters the previously described lost state.

Cobb, on the other hand, once entered the lost world and then returned to the real world, so he chose to save Saito.

After returning to the third floor, Fisher has the above dialogue with his dying father, and sees the windmill and the will.

In the following time, the bus in the dream of the first layer falls into the water, the elevator of the second layer subducts upward because of the blast wave, the hospital on the top of the mountain of the third layer collapses because of the explosion, and the three layers of dream fall at the same time, and everyone wakes up in turn. So far, the task is completed, but Cobb and Saito did not return.

In the first layer of the dream, Fisher wakes up and climbs to the bank to tell Browning, who Yousef is pretending to be, that he has decided to follow his father’s will, so the plan is complete.

So much for the framework and logic of the plot, let’s continue to discuss some of the questions left unanswered in the above plot.

(1) the first layer of dream coach from the drop of a bridge, is the original set of collaborative falling point in time, but as a result of an accident, and they didn’t catch, coach completely falling from the air to enter the water for ten seconds, 10 seconds after the bus hit the water, now for the second time, and the ten seconds in the air, the second dream Lord Arthur is in a state of weightlessness. In the second dream, the original plan to blow up the bottom of the room was not feasible, so the blast wave was used instead.

(2) to fall, although is at the same time, wake up is the process of the progressive step by step, rather than directly wake up to reality, so the fourth floor after fisher in the fall, after wake up in the third layer can have time to meet with his father, and the third layer of the hospital after a fall, the people in the second floor elevator opened his eyes, and then the second fall, And woke up in the first car. Due to the problem of time flow rate, although they fall at the same time, the time left for everyone after waking up is not consistent. The third layer can talk with the father, but the second layer can only open their eyes. However, after waking up in the first layer, why can everyone still climb on the shore instead of waking up immediately in reality? Because the fall didn’t happen in real life, they had to wait for the tranquilizer to wear off and wake up naturally.

Here, we can basically rule out the situation that the flight attendants on the plane arranged the fall in reality. First, their original plan is to stay in the first floor for 10 days, which corresponds to the real 10 hours, and the drug effect time is set accordingly. Second: they have missed the chance to fall synchronously. The suicide wake up can be done floor by floor, but the fall must be synchronized or on the previous floor.

(3) Time is meaningless in the Lost Domain, it is endless, and man can exist ideologically forever, of course, if the physical body dies, that is another matter. There is only one way to wake up in the lost domain, and that is to commit suicide. Therefore, after Cobb and Lill entered the lost domain last time, they chose to commit suicide by throwing themselves under the train. But Saito is not a professional dreamer, and he doesn’t know that this way, and the time flow of Lost Land is so long that it is impossible for people to tell reality from reality.

(4) Every time one enters the lost area, one’s memory will be confused and one will forget a lot of things. This is why Cobb couldn’t remember anything when he first met Saito. It was only after Saito said those words that he woke up with a rude awakening.

(5) The scene of Corbusier and Saito committing suicide in the lost area did not appear. Similarly, after Corbusier finally returned home, the gyro rotating on the table did not fall down, and the picture of whether he finally stopped did not appear. Therefore, whether the last scene of Corbusier is in reality or in another dream has always been controversial.

This is a formula that most movies like to use, in order to allow the audience to bring in their own thoughts, but if we pay attention to the details, we can actually find that this answer is the only one.

That is, the final scene is a real scene, not a dream.

Props ring: in the movie the whole story, every time the memory of dreams and cobb, cobb’s left hand with a silver ring, but in reality cobb, no ring, in the last act, and the plane after wake up, cobb is also no ring on her left hand, this is the evidence this scene as the real scene, of course, if this is a Bug, it is another matter.

Cast sheet: Any cast list found on any website has two names for daughter Philippa and son James, one for 5 years old and one for 3 years old and 20 months old.

Similarly, the audience can see that in the last scene of the film, when the two children turn around and run to their father, they can clearly see the appearance and height of their daughters, which are obviously grown up and changed with the daughter in Corbusian’s memory.

No one builds a dream: Corbusier enters the Lost Land in the fourth floor, but no real people follow him in the Lost Land. Corbusier and Saito wake up at the same time on the plane. If this is a dream, who are the people left behind on the upper floor?

Written in the last word, science fiction film is from the reality, more like a kind of the future, in other words we think impossible or incredible today, unable to understand things, maybe in the future it is real, dream or dream, in it has grown to the point of high, it has been used in medical treatment, We can only hope that the future will be as easy to create dreams and extend the flow of time as it is in the movies.

Since the length is too long, I will not repeat the parts that I think are easy to understand or not controversial.