10 Must-See BBC Documentary Movies

Today I’m bringing you a few divine documentaries from BBC. Looking at the vast universe, the vast nature, can make you feel like you’re staying at home, or you’re venturing out into the wild.

  1. Planet Eart

“Planet Earth” whether the first or the second part, are very wonderful.

From the South Pole to the North Pole, from the Equator to the cold zone, from the African grassland to the tropical rain forest, and from the desolate peak to the deep sea, countless creatures present themselves in the most beautiful form before the world.

Some people say that the documentary “Planet Earth” is beautiful and breathtaking. The fur of animals and the lines of the earth are very clear. It has nothing to do with interests, but only human respect and gratitude for the earth.

2. Wonders Of The universe

Where did humanity come from, and where is the universe going? Professor Brian Cox travels to some of the most amazing places on earth.

After watching this documentary, you will feel the smallness of human beings and the magnificence of the universe, and why do physical scientists still look so handsome?

3. Life

This is one of the most breathtaking documentaries of all time. From the tiniest creatures to us humans, every creature has its own incredibly detailed way of living.

For the reproduction of life, every creature in the endless adhere to the laws of nature, the earth will be immortal.

4. Wild China

This is the first time that CCTV and BBC have jointly produced a work. In China, an ancient and magical place, there are profound cultural and natural deposits.

So, we can look at the familiar and strange China together through the perspective of the media! I believe you will have a new understanding of China and shock!

4. Human planet

In this documentary, we feel the relationship between human and nature on this water-blue planet, and human activities in the polar regions, mountains, oceans, jungles, grasslands, rivers, deserts and cities.

The BBC has travelled to more than 80 cities and filmed rare human activities in different parts of the world and how they deal with the world.

There is a good saying: “The world has existed for hundreds of billions of years, and human beings are just new to the world.” As human beings, we must respect the world!

5. Home

It’s still a documentary about man’s relationship with nature, and we’re running out of resources on the planet in just 200,000 years.

One can’t help but wonder what the world will be like before, or after, human beings appear.

6. Planet Ocean

The picture of the undersea world is beautiful and breathtaking!

But it takes a thousand years for the ocean current to complete a cycle, and by the time it returns to its original point, it is a plundered and polluted wreck.

7. Penguins Spy in the Huddle

The BBC spent nearly a year tracking and filming Humboldt penguins in tropical Peru, rockhopper penguins on the subantarctic sea island, and emperor penguins in the frigid South Pole, and also installed a fake penguin camera, which is really magical.

So we see the unusual behavior of penguins, how clumsy they are to peer, how they steal stones from their mates, how they protect their young.

8. Great White Shark

Amazing, scary and novel, this is what most netizens feel after watching this documentary again, because you will see scenery and shots that you have never seen or even thought about!

The South Pacific, with its endless blue, has a stunning beauty, but also an extremely fragile vitality…… I believe that after watching, you will have more feelings.

9. Frozen Planet

The BBC has spent a huge amount of money filming the dissolving, the animals and the unspeakable in one of the coldest places on both sides of the planet. It’s breathtaking.

Over time, the planet’s poles may change dramatically as a result of human behavior, and those images may become even more valuable.

The humorous shooting is also reflective, which is probably the most attractive part of the documentary.

10. Hunt

This documentary is relatively new. It comprehensively records a series of behaviors of animals in the process of foraging. All kinds of perfectly handled shots make each animal come alive and show in front of us.

In particular, the details of the animal predation in each episode are as stunning as special effects and are definitely worth watching.