The movie “Nerve” a look at the human heart through the Internet

Because the public number has been concerned about the “news brother”, he because recently an anchor in Russia to two elderly people to drink, the daily title written ‘sent away’ a few days ……, a bunch of people Also commented on how not to “send away” the elderly and lament, real life people, in the network with a virtual name, they want to see others die every day ……, really let people chill and feel terrible. The news brother recommended a movie “Play Live”, so the evening back to watch.

The story is about a live game called “Nerve” quietly popular, the game is very simple, is a truth or dare. Participants have two choices, either as a spectator or as a player. The spectator can use the money reward to let the player try various adventure activities, and the player can follow the instructions of the spectator to complete the game to get money. The female protagonist, Vee, is encouraged and stimulated by her best friend to participate in this game, and after receiving successive monetary rewards, she cannot stop herself. As the difficulty increases, the audience put forward various challenges: from the beginning of kissing strangers, changing clothes live, tattoos, blindfolded riding more than 60 yards of motorcycle …… heroine wanted to quit the game, but those watchers do not agree, treating her as a prisoner, threatening her, rolling up her mother’s money, and finally even let them shoot each other to kill each other.

In this game, the most hateful is actually the vast number of watchers. They hide in the corners, not to show their true names and faces, in the name of the game, the ugly side of the heart out, killing and arson, all kinds of evil, and after the incident was revealed, deep “work and name”, this is the shameless behavior of keyboard warriors, this is the Internet violence.

After watching this movie reminds me of 14 years, there is a boy in the live microblogging suicide, I and part of the people have been soothing his emotions, let him feel the beauty of life. Then he said he didn’t want to die, then some people jumped out and said: waste their time, how not to die, said the boy for nothing to gain their attention, a variety of curses him, and finally the boy could not stand, burned charcoal suicide,. After a few hours, the Luzhou police informed that his body was found in the hotel.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the messages of those people on the internet at the time, and it really feels terrible that behind the anonymous users, there are actually hiding such ugly faces, because without real names, they are not responsible for their own words. That day, from the very first few tweets the boy sent to watch and encourage him, to the end really felt his despair and the horror of those people on the Internet!

It was sad for a long time and sent a tweet saying that those who told him to go to hell could sleep? As a result, there are some people commenting below: No, they will sleep peacefully.

The human heart, too terrible. The internet brings us both good and bad, and I really hope there are not so many shady people out there.