Why is the invasion of the Triumvirate 400 years in the future, when humanity has to prepare for war ahead of time?

Why is it that the invasion of the three-body civilization is 400 years away, while mankind has to prepare for war in advance? According to the earthlings’ concept of “living in the present”, even after one’s death, one’s grandchildren will be able to live out their lives safely, so why did the humans at that time have to sacrifice their lives in the present and begin to aggressively develop the space and aerospace industry, which resulted in the population plummeting from 8.3 billion to 3.5 billion.

From 1980 to 2080, what has happened to mankind in these one hundred years. When the three-body people issued the “you are worms” taunt to the human race, the human race was very desperate, which also means that the Earth’s technology has been locked up, and the gap between the human race and the three-body people is very large, basically no longer on the same order of magnitude, at this time, the human race does not have a space business at all, and can only temporarily set up a joint war center, attempting to unite the world’s strength, together to deal with the invasion of this crisis after four hundred years.

Originally, mankind could have left this problem to be solved by future generations, while enjoying their own lives in the present, so that they could not only develop high technology, but also not sacrifice their quality of life. As the news of the invasion of the three-body people spread all over the world, the people who could have lived a smooth life turned out to be in a state of panic, so the coalition government directly allowed the world to enter a state of wartime, regulated all the free economic markets, and also gave up a lot of the tertiary industry.

It can be said that these operations made the earth basically fall into a state of regression, the people’s lives were in a period of recession, which led to famine, violence and civil strife, these problems emerged together, and the population plummeted to 3.5 billion, it is simply unimaginable that 4.8 billion people disappeared in a flash, which is more than the population lost in any war.

On top of that, at that time, human’s technology was in at the lower reaches of the food chain, everything they did was useless, due to the lack of the Tai Air Force, human beings were unable to create spaceships, so they could only develop the navy, which was hypothesized to be the Tai Air Force, which did nothing at all except to exercise the will of the soldiers on a daily basis. Zhang Beihai also thought that there was no point in staying in the present, so he chose to support the future, and with the soldiers who were with him, they all chose to hibernate into the future, they were afraid that the people in the future would lose their will to fight, so that’s why they sent Zhang Beihai to the future world, to propagate today’s ideology.

After the era from the Great Depression, mankind summed up a classic quote: give age to civilization, not age to civilization. This quote had clearly stated the human viewpoint of making life greater than survival, making the time when humans could still exist a little more civilized than famine and riots, and even if such a life could not exist for a long time, one must insist on living the present moment well. One must never allow oneself to get into anxiety and make some aberrant correspondences for the sake of those uncertainties in the future, and end up involving the world in a self-defeating trap.

Therefore, in the late stage of the Great Depression, mankind also had the Second Renaissance and the Second Enlightenment, and completely abandoned the idea of collectivism. If we give up the present life for the sake of the crisis four hundred years from now, it would be the same as the system of the Trinitarians, which would only classify people into the useful and the useless, and the society would be plunged into a kind of deadness, and people shouldn’t be defined by the ‘usefulness and the uselessness,’ but rather by the existence of the People should not be defined by “usefulness and uselessness” but by the meaning of existence. Often the people who push the world forward are those who are useless. They only discover concepts that cannot be applied for the time being, and these concepts are the driving force behind the advancement of basic sciences. They are the theories that guide reality.

The core proposition of the second renaissance of mankind was these, so after this, the applied sciences of mankind began to ascend mutatis mutandis, and a thousand spaceships were built.

Due to the high speed growth of technology, so that the human race also slowly become inflated, began to forget the Earth’s basic science has been locked up, they believe that they are able to counteract the three-body people, decided to and the three-body people in the solar system, the final battle of doom. The fiasco of the Battle of Armageddon has also declared the end of the human era. It is not ignorance and stupidity that ultimately defeats mankind, but arrogance.

Going back to the beginning of the problem, we can see that ordinary people simply do not want to prepare in advance for 400 years from now; it is the united government of the world that makes them prepare in advance. And this ineffective preparation, which puts the common man in a watery execution and keeps society in a state of stagnation, is clearly not worth the cost.

If, from the beginning, humanity had been kept in the dark about the existence of the Triumvirate, and they had been developing naturally, then, arriving four hundred years later, it must have been more powerful than the future after experiencing the Great Depression Era. In short, sometimes knowing ahead of time may not be better than not knowing at all, and perhaps this was the reason why the Tritons terrorized humanity ahead of time, so that they could completely dismantle humanity’s will from the level.