What is The leading actor in Nobody (2021)?

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Fuck the plot, fight to the death! But after all the bloodshed, “Nobody” is best remembered for a few things.

The leading actor has three times The heart of The profile, The hero is a typical American middle class middle-aged man. I went to the gym, made breakfast, missed the garbage truck on Tuesdays, clocked in to work, came home from work, always went to bed later than my wife, and lived the same routine every day.

Until one night, two gunmen broke into the house. The leading actor withdrew The golf club which he had swung at The female, just as The son seized The male gangster. He didn’t want to fight violence with violence, because The leading actor saw that The two robbers were no rules of The novice, moved The heart of compassion. However, it was this act of kindness that disappointed his son. I think my father is a wimp and not a MAN.

The emotion spread to the leading actor’s wife and neighbor.

This matter also spread to the ears of the younger brother, brother immediately sent men a gun. He must be asked to protect the consciousness of the family desperately.

The leading actor Harry advised him not to make trouble and just keep it quiet. His dad asks, “Do you remember what we were like?”

Later that night, his daughter noticed that the cat’s bracelet had dropped off, and the lead actor realized it could have been the pair who had taken it. This incident was like a match that ignited the long-held anger in the heart of the lead actor. Keanu Reeves, the lead actor of “Nobody,” turns out to be a retired, anonymous former CIA agent who has gone into seclusion because of his desire for a more mundane family life.

The harder the front is beaten, the harder the back is revenged. By tracing The tattoos on The gangsters, The Leading Actor immediately found The pair of Bonnie and Clyde. After getting his watch back, The leading actor was about to pull The trigger and shoot his opponent. They, too, were poor people, with a very sick baby.

When he was full of anger once again because of his compassion can not be catharsis, he met in the middle of the night on the bus with 5 small rascal dallying with civilian women.

All the power of savings broke out at that moment, male master for a righteous cause, boxing to the meat, with one enemy more.

There is no breathing time in a close combat in a small space. Although he was stabbed by a dark knife from time to time, his blood slot seemed to be open, his skin was rough and flesh thick, and his blood returned quickly. Beat these kids all over the place to find their teeth. The glory of the past has been restored. However, for the third time, he moved the heart of compassion, gently cut the throat of the most wounded small dog and put a straw in it. Not to kill him. It’s a minor procedure called a cricothyroid membrane incision for emergency breathing. Nothing happens without a film. The badly injured hooligan turned out to be the younger brother of the Russian Mafia leader.

Mafia boss sent a confidante minister – a rare Russian black led a heavily armed contingent, to the men’s home to kill, did not expect early someone to men tipped off a situation is wrong,Men let the family hide in the basement, all the lights in the home off, may still want to hide their past, he only issued instructions from beginning to end, but never explain to the family what happened.I just said:”Don’t Call 911″

“Nobody” doesn’t make him invincible. After all, two fisters can’t beat four hands, and tigers are afraid of wolves, so he gets corona and thrown into the trunk of his car. Unexpectedly, as a professional, he broke free of the handcuffs and professionally used the fire extinguisher in the rear of the car to cause an accident. The whole car, a man survived. The rare black Russian is dead too. After the male master went home, first let his wife take the children to take shelter, and then very evil interest will just killed the gang small dogs neatly placed on the sofa, to give them “class”.

His home address has been revealed. Men finally decided: a fire to burn their own house! Real men don’t look back at the explosion! Completely did not worry about him, directly killed to the Russian Mafia’s nest, will be hundreds of millions of stolen cash burned.

Later, he went straight to the Mafia lair, very defiantly sitting in the Mafia boss’s nightclub to eat dinner. Seeing such humiliation, the Russian bosses naturally wanted revenge.

At the factory where he worked. His elderly father turns out to be an FBI agent, and his life in retirement is so boring that he joins the ultimate battle after killing two attackers at a nursing home. Despite his age, his father was an experienced fighter who had beaten his gang rivals to the ground

The killing was all flamboyant and humorous: Hatch took his time in the middle of a shootout to wipe out the factory’s safety days, and then got all sorts of cool headshots, like Harry’s sniper headshot, that wouldn’t even work in an FPS!

Midlife crisis. The high incidence in men between the ages of 35 and 50 is also known as the “man 40 syndrome”. Although this stage of life is no longer confused, career, health, family, marriage will most likely experience all kinds of obstacles and crises. In reality, a lot of middle-aged men, like the leading actor in the film, both old and young. From Monday to Friday, I live the same crap life. Just like the poster implied by all kinds of pressure hit no temper.

When the hero saw a brave man on the bus, when his wife gave him healing, the dialogue between the two, we have not hugged for a long time, also a long time not to kiss, for months not to go to bed.

When the most beloved person, became a family members to live together, had been dull life smooth the edges and corners, no passion in the past.

Therefore, in the first to suppress and then to raise, the hero unbridled killing, the audience can clearly feel: he from the lifeless, to the vitality of the transformation.

Famous psychological consultant and writer Wu Zhihong’s classic view: Narcissism, sex and aggression are the three main driving forces of life.

It is at the beginning of that period, the cowardly and repressed middle-aged social life, so that the final cool anti kill, look so happy!

Therefore, the “NOBODY” at the core of the function is: fantastic movie release pressure.