The Sex movie, the scene and the plot are shot very high

It was my college classmate who recommended this movie to me.

When she was in college, she loved watching movies, but hated Japanese movies very much. Every time I wanted to share, she always said no with her whole body and her facial features were ferocious.

The reason is very simple, the three views are not correct. She said she could finish the beginning as far as she could go.

A few years later, she suddenly fell in love with Japanese movies for the simple reason that they were not right. But she suddenly found that this “wrong” is a unique perspective, like holding a microscope, with a micro point of view of the world. It sees more of the “unspeakable” part of human nature, such as “The World of the Senses,” which Japanese films thrust into public view when everyone felt that women’s sexuality was not worth talking about.

Another example is that when the mainstream view is that parents’ love for their children is unconditional, Nobody Knows was adapted to show us that there are still such children in the world whose parents do not raise them.

Whether it’s Shoplifters, The Life of the Abandoned Matsuko or Confessions, Japanese movies are constantly opening up the wrong corners to show that the world isn’t all that good and there’s more we can do.

“Two at the Crash” is one of those films, and of course the first thing that caught the eye was the sex scenes.

Corridor, bed, table, alley entrance, bus, all the scenes that appear in the life, can become the venue that makes love.

They make love unscrupulously and crazily. They are crazy because two deadlines are drawn in their lives, one is that Naoko will get married in ten days, and the other is that the world is coming to an end.

For love is dead, life is coming to an end, morality, ethics, rules, order suddenly no longer important, sex and lust over all, “as long as tonight, let us return to the past”, but as long as it is left to desire to space, it will be like a vine growing indefinitely, the night is not enough, then extended to five nights.

This is a fierce confrontation between desire and reason.

In addition to the sensual sensual scenes, what impressed me more was the scene where Naoko kept slapping the sofa and begging Kenji to stay.

In the process she did not utter a word. What she had to say was hidden in every beat, every beat, a plea, the stronger the force, the stronger the desire. Kenji got up to go, but Naoko stopped in his tracks as the pounding grew heavier. Morality, ethics and desire are constantly colliding in his body, reason and sensibility make it difficult for him to choose. Finally he lifted his head with a sigh and sat down next to Naoko.

The director is very delicate to grasp a person standing on the edge of the moral line, constantly struggling, and finally compromise the psychological process.

In the face of desire, people will constantly modify their bottom line, while not letting themselves down, and at the same time get great satisfaction.

Just like Xianzhi, FangZhengzi is about to get married, so let’s meet him. Just sitting by her side didn’t do any good; Just for one night, and return to normal after tomorrow; Naoko indulged in the last five days before her marriage ended… Eventually, however, they rush into lust, and instead of getting married, Kenji just wants to have more love with Naoko.

If you fall in love with the most wrong person in the world, how do you choose? If coupled with a background: great disaster is at hand, there is no tomorrow is an unknown, at this time how to choose?

This is the second day of Deadline in the movie, much heavier than the first one.

The imminent eruption of the volcano, the expansion of Naoko’s uterine fibroids, the imminent disappearance of fertility, the imminent disappearance of life, made them rethink.

Every day felt like the last. They lived, ate, talked, made love in such a hurry that 24 hours in a day were not enough. When life is put on the scale of balance, its weight is incomparable, everything else becomes irrelevant, if life is going to end, then love it.

The scene on the bus, undoubtedly the most shameful, is the most fitting.

They are the alternative in the traditional moral framework, hiding behind all the revelry of imminent destruction, still afraid of the strange eyes of the secular world. Naoko and Kenji are contradictory, fierce and divisive.

I am afraid there is no real struggle in the world can stand in the secular opposition to the people, they just in the constant tear and self-confrontation, choose the brave people.

They used to regard these five days as the compensation for their past regrets, but now the deadline is near, which makes them not need to hold back. Those questions that they once wanted to ask but were afraid to ask, and those words that they once wanted to say but were afraid to say, all came out from their hearts in these five days. In the face of true love, not so much dog blood, only moved. The belated understanding, deepened the feelings of each other, the 5 angels are far from enough.

Human beings must admit that no matter how evolved, the animal nature still exists in the body, and all the morals, norms, norms, are just layers of clothing to decorate people more like a person.

The more extreme the situation, the more can magnify a person’s desire, or the more can understand what they really want.

hen and other women, was immediately detected Naoko, she was very sad, the first reaction is to leave, but she finally advised yourself, “don’t want to listen to the will of your body”.

As Mount Fuji is about to erupt, Naoko asks Kenji if he is not thinking about his future. Kenji says, “It’s too impermanent. I don’t have a plan for my life. I can only seize the moment, live with Naoko for as long as I can, and make as much love as I can, which is the will of my body.”

In the second half of the film, both men talk about “the will of the body,” which should be interpreted here as the thoughts of the heart.

We live in the society, live under the rules, to integrate into the collective, to tend to be the same, otherwise will become incompatible. But everyone is an independent individual, with their own preferences and even hidden side. In fact, many times we choose to give up the self for the collective. The real self is suppressed to be infinitely small. Each of us should think about it. If you have a deadline, what will you do with it before that?

Finally, the background of the story, the infidelity between the Cousins. In this film, love is like the catalyst for all the action.

The original ordinary love, because of the ethics of the filter, become taboo, exciting, emotional towards a more extreme, more turbulent state.

The strong expression of the inner desire, ethical issues are insurmountable mountain, the two people at the foot of the mountain suffering very much, adhere to the most authentic self, reconcile with their own unbearable, break through the bondage, the audience will also get unprecedented pleasure.

Sex is so important. Money, status, fame, don’t count in the face of life, but to be with the one you love, to be connected to each other, to feel needed and needed in constant loving-making, is probably the only way to feel worthwhile in your life.

Finally, two people choose to stand together in the crater of life, do not resist nor compromise, seize every moment together.

In fact, everyone is like this, death is the real deadline, no matter resistance or compromise will change anything, the only thing you can do is to ask your heart idea, and then strive to live.