The most famous erotic movie in the history of modern cinema — Belle de Jour

Roger Ebert, Pulitzer Prize-winning American movie critic, on Louis Bunuel’s Belle de Jour

“It’s the most famous erotic film in the history of modern cinema, and probably the best, because it captures the essence of eroticism in its core.”

Luis Bunuel, a Spanish national treasure and a leading figure in the surrealist films of the 1930s, was best known for using dreams to express human desire

His most famous film is the 1929 debut short film An Andalu Dog (running 16 minutes), regarded as one of the most influential works of surrealism

“An Andaloo” by a group of illogical, irrational, incongruous shot cut into, the plot is absurd, the image is strange, unknown.

The creation concept of this short film is based on one of the methods of dream interpretation mentioned by Freud in The Interpretation of Dreams, the symbol of dreams.

You can think of it as a girl’s dream, she’s just had a fight with her boyfriend in real life, and this is her dream that night.

The boyfriend in the dream is dressed in a baby suit, indicating that the man was naive at the beginning of the relationship and that the woman needs to take care of him.

As anyone who has ever dreamed knows, dreams are sometimes logical and clear like a small theater, and sometimes chaotic and unreasonable.

According to Freud, there is also a record of unreasonable dreams.

For example, the house, boat, stove and wooden barrel in the dream can symbolize the uterus, and the cane, bamboo pole, tree trunk, gun and sword can symbolize the male phallus.

“An Andaloo” is best understood as the complex love relationship between men and women and the different ways men and women think about sex.

However, the short film is too obscure and difficult to understand, which is not the standard answer, because it is illogical, unrestrained and full of ideas. Therefore, it seems to make sense to understand and interpret it from all angles and at different levels, just like Mona Lisa’s smile. No matter which Angle you look from, she is smiling at you. Such is the charm of An Andaloo, Bunueli’s character loves to dream more than anything else. Dreams are a great movie prop, and modern directors like to tease audiences by blurring dreams and reality. When things get out of hand, just let the picture go.

Oh, originally is the leading role of a dream, but fortunately, it’s all right, only a dream, dream world peace, when the dream means desire cannot contain, seeking to meet feel unusually strong, there is a love to daydream belle DE jour beauty, dreams and fantasy have certain difference, but in the surface performance desire, the two are interlinked, Subconsciously, Salena was a middle-class lady, beautiful and dignified, with neatly combed hair, well-dressed clothes and a meticulous image.

The husband, a surgeon, was successful and handsome. This would have been the envy of an outsider.

But there are untold troubles between them, Salena can not fulfill the duty of the wife, and her husband and sleep in separate rooms, whenever the husband wants to explore her further, Salena refused, the husband would not force his wife, turned back to their own bed.

Salena is not frivolous, her desires are more intense than anyone else, and she often rides through sexual fantasies, in which she is a victim, a victim of abuse, and she longs to be enslaved and subjugated. Her husband was not aware of this and did not understand the motive of Salena’s refusal.

Every woman in the heart of a bitch rootstocks, happy to play with men at the applause, they move around, what chastity memorial arch all to him, as a public her lover, her slut, don’t talk about love, in the home not met Sally liana in a friend that know the existence of the guests, irrepressible desire, is willing to become a prostitute, receive different men, It is clear that she has no shortage of money. Unlike other girls who sell themselves for money, Anilis, the owner of the brothel, sees through Salena’s character of “eating the hard and not the soft”. Whenever Salena swings on the moral edge, she loudly chides Salena, and she immediately becomes a marionette and obediently listens.

She enjoy being over, the feeling of being abused, this let her happy, she was obscene sex from childhood experience, she is a Catholic, she feel when her father face no longer pure, faith, the collapse of youth sexual experience have important effect on her, a much stronger than their own strength, let she can’t resist the doping of people to become her life.

Movie without any sex scenes, but he depicts the sex, because the film is to let you think in mind rather than with the lower half thinking, ready to see this as a porn friend be disappointed, for Sally liana such women, sex and love are separated, she loves her husband, but she can’t get away from this original desire for her control, The consciousness can not suppress the instinct, she is the ego before her husband, and she is the ego in the prostitute stockade. According to Freud, people have the ego, ego and superego, and the ego helps us to survive in the society reasonably, allowing the development of the ego at will, and will eventually suffer the consequences. Salena’s ego meets the killer, Marsao, This grubby man with a mouthful of steel teeth, the average woman will feel disgusted, lotus out of the mud and not stained, Salina is a white lotus flower that wants to roll in the mud.

Traditional all wrapped in a kind of insect liana, and finally to play the residual Sally her husband a tragic end to end, as for face paralyzed husband, Sally Lena will work and film gives an open end, Sally Lena ear again remind of the carriage ring, ring is every time she into the fantasy of the signal, the empty wagon will take her to where?

While her fantasy continues, her id will continue to conquer the ego. Like a drug addiction, she can’t stop it. Each human nature enlightenment is different, the formation of sexual concept is also different. Besides Salena, the clients she serves have different sexual needs. There was an ob-gyn who loved cosplay and was also a masochist. There was also a Japanese man who brought a box that would buzz. A girl looked at it and shook her head in refusal.

After showing it to Salena, he told her not to be afraid. The director didn’t show her what was in the box. But we do know that it’s “something extremely erotic for the guest,” and that performance reveals the very essence of a person.

When she became a prostitute, she imagined her husband and friends throwing mud at her, smudging her purity. But she was not guilty at all; the insult only brought her pleasure.

Mr Bunuel’s favourite satire of the middle class and religion is not the subject of Belle de Jour, though it does touch on it. At a time when society is celebrating the one-to-one relationship, what about people who are sexually repressed because they can’t get pleasure from their partners?

Can you tell love from sex? What do you do if your partner says they love you but can’t find sexual pleasure with you? Threatening him with love or letting him go out and solve his physical needs. These problems are heartache, I do not know if you will encounter, I will encounter. We don’t talk about sex, but the problems behind it are getting bigger and bigger. When can we talk about it