The Greatest Beer Run Ever Review: The latest satirical film from the Oscar-winning director

After three years, director Peter Farrelly, who won the Oscar for Best Picture for Green Book, has released his war comedy masterpiece The Greatest Beer Run Ever, and it’s a real treat! The film is fast-paced and funny, with superb performances by Zac Efron and Russell Crowe, and exposes the brutality of the Vietnam War without losing depth.

The main character John “Chick” Donohue, is a typical American loser, usually drinking, hanging out, and sleeping, he is not young, but he has nothing to achieve. His boss had blocklisted him because of three months of credit; who would have thought that this scrappy young man went to the Vietnam War to make a ridiculous three-day trip?

The main character, Chickie, initially forms an antagonistic relationship with the anti-war faction. When he sees his sister going to an anti-war demonstration, he immediately goes up to sabotage it, and he naively accuses, “These demonstrations will affect our troops!”

Later, his sister, who despised him, also liked to ridicule him with “moral kidnapping,” taking his friend who died on the front line and asking his brother, “What have you done for your country?”

Kiki’s ears calloused, and the inner rage rolled; the young man carried a sack of canned blue ribbon beer and took the initiative to the front line to send friends beer. He said on the surface to condole with a few good friends at the front; in reality, to prove his guts!

Kiki volunteered to be the “fool” to carry the beer; the bar owner saw the situation, and immediately pushed the boat, gave the beer, and gave the list; the brothers toasted together in tribute. The mother of a comrade also gave him a gift so that he could go and condole with his son.

Without proof, without rank, without status, this foolish and straightforward young man easily caught a voyage to Vietnam, but at first, it was smooth sailing! He saw an American military vehicle and pounced on it, asking what company he was from and how he found his good friend, who was so confused by the question that he took him straight to the barracks!

No one believed that he came to deliver beer for his friend, thought he was a CIA agent, and asked him what the battle plan was. It was hilarious!

Even when the higher-ups came to visit and reprimanded him for seeing such a lively scene, he treated Kiki as a citizen visiting Vietnam and didn’t pursue the matter.

Kiki is really a happy-go-lucky; there is no road he dares not take, no one he dares not contact. He walked the streets of Vietnam carrying a beer bag, chatting with English-speaking guards about Hollywood actors and arguing with war correspondents in restaurants, keeping busy.

At first, Kiki gave beer to a brother, who exclaimed that he brought the taste home and said, “You made me drink in Vietnam with a big mouth, and this is enough to make us laugh for the rest of our lives.

As he kept delivering the beer, he also kept going deeper and deeper into the battlefield and began to see that something was not right in Vietnam! Through the radio, the friend called to meet him across the battlefield and blasted him directly for almost getting him killed! The two cross the battlefield together and come to the trenches where he almost gets a bullet through his head!

The hero sees the dejected look on his best friend’s face in the war zone, and the line, “A damn can of beer is going to make this all better?” The hero sees the dejected look on his buddy’s face in the field and the question: “One damn beer will make it all better?” He is also shaken by the idea that the Vietnam War was a “war of honor”!

When Chickie met the little Vietnamese girl in the lost wilderness, the other side saw the harmless American traveler was scared to tears and was directly carried away by her mother!

The first Chickie was mistaken for the CIA; in the back of his helicopter, he actually saw the real CIA in the Vietnamese soldiers to force a confession, but also directly after the death of each other, the cruelty of the extreme, the three views destroyed!

Kiki also witnessed his own embassy was blown up by the rebels; one second also, he rushed to run the soldiers; the next second was shelled and blown off an arm! And the U.S. Embassy as if it was blown through the wall by a tank, but said that the Vietnamese army did it, all for the war to manipulate public opinion?

Zac Efron played very silly and naive, the front made a lot of jokes, the back of his role corresponds to Russell Crowe as a war correspondent, after all, the latter kind of bearded, calm and old! The other side of the bias is that giving beer to a friend on the battlefield is certainly not the smartest thing to do, but not the worst.

That war correspondent concluded sharply, “The truth doesn’t hurt us; lies do. Lies and conspiracy theories that distort the truth are the things that hurt this country…” Shocking!

The veteran war correspondent had been born and died with the hero, who refused to return home, believing it was his duty to stay; after all, he pointed out, “that’s what war is, a big murder scene!”

After returning from the battlefield dead, Chickie returned to the bar and asked him with his companions if we were winning, but he said the Vietnam War was very chaotic!

The barkeep thinks “wars are chaotic, but controlled chaos,” to which Chickie shakes his head and replies, “Not this time; the chaos there was out of control!”

Chickie finally runs to the home of his dead comrade’s mother to apologize, revealing that he failed to deliver the necklace token and regretting mobilizing his timid buddy to go to war, he cries bitterly; “I should have let him listen to his heart, not to mine!” A sad last embrace between the two!

Using absurd comedy to show absurd war, the Hollywood screen has previously given birth to such classics as Army Field Hospital and Good Morning Vietnam! The Greatest Beer Run Ever” is also based on a true story, adhering to the anti-war ideology, humorous enough to satirize, but also daring to face the dripping blood!

The Greatest Beer Run Ever”, the latest work of the director of “Green Book”, also reveals the truth of the war by making fun of it, witnessing the history and warning the world, which is a bright spot!