Princess Review:Everyone is atoning for their sins

Everyone, for the sake of their past, chooses to redeem themselves. this is true of August’s (the main character) sister Christina, and it is also true of August.

The film begins with the protagonist, dressed in clerical garb, arriving at a residence and seeing a room where a pornographic film is being recorded, with the woman surprisingly still pregnant. This is followed by a conversation between the two, from which we learn about the heroine, Christina, and the hero, August, and their relationship, brother and sister. And also know that the pregnant woman in the film is Christina.

After that is the title, the title of all the “princess” is also Christina’s pornographic stills as a background, you can know that at this time Christina is already a star in the AV world, even in the AV world, Christina’s degradation is far deeper than many actresses (pregnant women in pornographic films is very alternative) (The pornography of pregnant women is very different, and many professional actresses do not go so far as to sell their flesh with a child). Christina’s depravity is not simply a matter of making a living, nor is it simply a matter of self-will, as will be explained later. An obituary at the end of the film reads, “Christina, born June 15, 1975, died December 12, 2004. Christina left behind a 5-year-old daughter, Mia, before she died. The story begins with August coming to pick up Mia.

  August meets Mia, who is very cold. Mia’s gloomy character is not unexpected. For five years she has lived in this environment, in a world without dignity and love, at the age of five, she knows nothing, she just imitates what adults have said and does what she sees and hears. This includes when she gets angry and Mia calls August a bitch and her mother Christina a bitch because they “always say one thing and do another like everyone else”. Little Mia has no idea what this word means, maybe Christina’s guests call Christina that, or maybe the person who molested Mia calls Mia that. There is a section of the film where Mia walks downstairs and tries to find some kids her age to play house with. When the kids say we are not short of kids, we only have pet roles, Mia says, “Why don’t I play the prostitute? And took them to a dark corner to pull down their pants and told them to lie on top of each other. Many people say that August, the main character, goes to great lengths to keep Mia out of her mother’s shadow, not realizing that Mia is already a minor AV superstar. I take great exception to such an analysis. If you analyze it carefully, what does a five-year-old girl know? She knows enough to “drop her pants” and “lie down on top of each other” She doesn’t know what sex is because of her environment, and she doesn’t understand that a girl about her body should be cherished and reserved. All she knows is that she saw her mother doing it, taking the guests to a dark corner and pulling down her pants. When the little boy was about to force her to shove a branch down there Mia knew it would hurt and that it was bad, so she resisted desperately. After being saved by August, Mia didn’t say to August that she wanted him to protect her all the time like other little girls, but asked August if she could become as strong as she was. Since then Mia, either voluntarily or guided by August, has gone into the violence of revenge. It can be said that although little Mia is a five-year-old child, she has never lived the life a normal little girl should, even after following August.

August took Mia back to the apartment, took Mia to see her own bedroom, like the beach as warm bedroom, princess shed, seagull lighting, light and shadow glazing. August introduced her to: “Look at those birds, like being flying on the beach, do you like to be useful at the beach? The birds are flying around ……”. The beach, in the film is a very important detail. In the eyes of the main character, or in the eyes of the playwright, the beach, the birds, is a very pure, quiet, peaceful world, like the world of paradise. At the end of the film, August and his sister, Mia, are sitting on the beach watching the sea and the birds flying around. The beach in the film also symbolizes the inner peace. Mia walked away without making a sound and took a packet of cereal and started watching TV. Maybe this is Mia’s habit of living in a brothel, no one cares, just taking a packet of cereal, grabbing it with her hands and eating it, watching TV with nothing to do. The film has several details here. The main character August’s apartment is very, very simple, basically no decoration, only very little furniture, the home furnishings are too simple to be simple, August just decorated Mia’s bedroom, can also see August’s love and attention to Mia. Second, the main character’s home only cereal and milk, life is austere to the extreme. A simple analysis at the time because August as a cleric is more austere. But I would like to say that the life of a cleric abroad is not like a monk with many precepts, puritanism is not a cleric must follow. The arrangement of the main character’s apartment can be seen that the main character’s piety belongs to the semi-extreme. The life of abstinence from desire and self-containment is the way of the main character’s piety and the way of his atonement. The protagonist is always angry at his sister for going down this path, but also guilty because he is the root cause of her going down this path, because it was his DV that recorded his sister’s sexual seduction of the landlord, thus giving Charlie the idea of having his sister make an adult film.

At this point the film explains a story, the story is actually the story of the main character and his sister. A family driving tour, sister Christina is very naughty, a car of people happy and noisy forward, suddenly accidentally kicked the father driving, the car out of control, overturned. From the latter, we can also know that the car accident made Christina and August lost their parents and have been dependent on each other ever since.

August took Mia back to the bedroom and fell asleep with Mia, August had a dream, a dream about the beach. At this time August is still calm and peaceful, without anger, just wanting to bring Mia up well.

In the evening, Mia cried for her mother. Crying very sad. It is also clear from this that Christina, although living a depraved life and not being able to help herself, still loves Mia, except that she is not able to be Mia’s protector (Mia is scarred all over), and may only be able to hug Mia when she cries, but can do nothing, not even the ability to get her daughter out of this environment.

The next day, August takes Mia to the cemetery to visit Christina and finds that her sister’s grave has been relocated and redone. It had become very luxurious, but the courtyard was built with a sexual theme, with towering pillars made to look like genitals, and candles in the shape of genitals placed in front of the tomb, with the epitaph “Can you open your legs for the angels, as you did for us on earth – Charlie “In August’s opinion, this is unforgivable. August was furious that Charlie was the one who started it, and teased his sister in such a way that she would not have peace after her death. Then a series of events made August’s anger out of control. The owner of the ice-cream store is still selling the “Princess” book (an obscene and petty Chinese person, which I am not happy about), and August tears up the book in anger. When August returns home, he takes Mia to take a bath. Mia is very reluctant, but only after August forces her to do so. molested and tortured. After putting Mia to sleep, August got up the courage to open Mia’s so-called “health diagnosis” book. The pimp tells him, “It’s not one person’s fault, it’s the fault of all of us.” We will also gradually understand that Mia’s tragedy is indeed a tragedy in which everyone is participating, and Charlie is not the only one responsible, August is also the maker of the tragedy.

August loses his mind and beats up a john in the rain. August’s anger is no longer only with Charlie, he decides that he wants to take revenge on a dark world for Mia.

     This is followed by a real video. It’s about him and his sister renting a room. In one segment, the sister sits by the window, crying and telling August that she is remorseful and that she caused the death of both her parents. She also tells August that she met Charlie in a nightclub. We can actually see Christina’s future in this simple clip, an indulgent, self-destructive person. Carrying the remorse of her parents’ death, without their care and warmth, Christina’s future has no hope. Perhaps, all of this is the root of Christina’s eventual journey to this point, and Charlie’s appearance is like adding fuel to the fire. The later episodes also let us understand that Charlie is not a good thing. She arranged for her girlfriend to mess around with the landlord in order to keep the house, and recorded it so that she could blackmail the landlord. In the footage, Christina keeps looking at Charlie, but Charlie is just happy and snickering. Charlie is forgiven in many people’s reviews, but I am not. I think, from the beginning to the end, Charlie’s bastard image can not be because he went to the grave to visit Christina and August a sad face he is innocent, he is not the only responsible for this tragedy, but his viciousness is unforgivable. Unfortunately, this sneak peek video became Christina’s debut as a female porn star.

The footage that follows is August’s nerves, the eyes of August’s extreme anger, the fire of August’s revenge ignited!

 Here is a worthy episode, August fury attracted Mia, when he held Mia is, he looked at Mia’s toy pet Mutt, Mutt surprisingly came to life. Jumping and jumping to them. Is Mutt really alive? Oh, not, a closer look, Mutt is still just a rag doll in the eyes of everyone, although Mutt is jumping around Mia. Mutt lives because August is consumed by anger on the one hand, and on the other hand August’s love for Mia has taught him to see the world from Mia’s perspective, and in Mia’s eyes, Mutt has always been alive.

 August sets out on a mission of revenge and warns of the paradise of desire. While on the phone with his manager, August’s plan slowly takes shape. Then the “play house” incident (described above) allows Mia to build trust and warmth towards August. So, in Mia’s dream that night, she also dreamed of a quiet beach.

At night, August takes Mia to revenge. From the beginning of the revenge plan Mia has been pushed into the violence of hatred by August. August came to the company and eliminated the guards, tore off the ears of Nisan, who was standing on the second step, and burned the company’s library of films and videos about the princess. The fire does not stop at the company’s warehouse, it spreads to the street, to the pornography store, to the pornographic magazines, to his sister’s grave, to this dark corner, and in the shots of the fire spreading music plays, it is Edith Piaf’s No regrets, the fire engulfs the dark world like August’s anger, never regrets because August is convinced that this is for Mia to have a clean slate, this is for her sister to rest in peace in heaven. august takes Mia to take revenge on her abusive manager and has Mia kill him with her own hands. august’s actions make Nisan sit up and ask august to meet him at the teahouse, but august finds himself in the middle of a heavy siege. august looks up at the overhead August looks up at the light overhead and asks God: Have you forsaken me?

No matter what August did, whether it was good or violent, August always believed that God was at his side and that He gave him strength and courage. When August returned home battered and bruised, Mia stubbornly told him to go live with Charlie. august persuaded to no avail, agreed to go down, but also by this to hide the bomb in the Mutt, wanting to use it to blow up Charlie. The end result is that Mia’s life is cut short. And Charlie is not in the apartment for some reason. Although the film does not tell the cause of August’s death, but I think, August is due to grief and suicide.

At the end of the film is a cemetery, three tombstones written August, Mia and Christina, a person came to visit them, is Charlie. The camera pulls away to a beach, Christina, August and Mia three people sitting on the beach, the sun on their faces, no resentment, no anger, only warmth and happiness. Perhaps, the world lives in darkness, there is always much effort, are sin, are atonement. Those who go to heaven can enjoy eternal peace. This is how much comfort the film gives to the audience at the end, right?

The main character’s sister Christina used debauchery to atone for her sins, using debauchery to escape from the idea that she had killed her parents, Christina cried and said that the death of her mom and dad was my fault. Although August keeps comforting her, we can understand from the later article that she met Charlie in a nightclub that no matter what August says, Christina has chosen to use a kind of debauchery to escape, Charlie’s presence is like a businessman to her, she can sell her soul and sell her body to Charlie.

The protagonist goes through two processes. The first stage uses love and devotion to God to atone for his sins (the scene at the beginning of the film where the protagonist is dressed as a cleric). The loss of his parents since childhood is painful for both his sister and him, and the painful and desperate August longs for God’s loving mercy. The second process is to protect Mia with the hand of a warrior and to protect Christina, although she is dead. The protagonist is a man immersed in a world of silence and solitude (as evidenced by the absence of furniture in the home only decorated with Mia’s bedroom, food only milk cereal), such a person, the outbreak of power is amazingly powerful.

And Charlie, Charlie’s appearance just let us understand why he was the originator, but when August revenge, Charlie was blinded by his men and did not know all this, until his apartment was bombed Charlie understand it. If Charlie knew these things, maybe he would have agreed to August’s demands. After all, he was good to Mia, he did not abuse Mia.

There are many people who brewed this tragedy, broken hearts, a dark world, tainted innocence, and evil hearts. This is a tragedy that melts in the middle ground between the white and black of society, happening in the corner where the sun does not shine. Everyone is guilty, and everyone goes to atone for their sins. Some sell their souls, some embrace God, some atone for their sins with death, and some atone for their sins with lifelong remorse. After watching the movie, I had no cynical resentment, but only wished that the sun would shine in more corners and that God would save more hearts.