Les Choristes’ comment on the inspiration of a teacher

Les Choristes

This is a movie that makes people feel a lot after seeing it, a very good French film. Matthew loved music but failed. After trying many different fields of work, he was forced by life to work as a teacher in a juvenile care home.

The first person he saw after coming to the nursing home was little Bebino, whose parents were dead. But he still believed that his father would come to pick him up on Saturday, so he waited in front of the gate every Saturday. At the end of the film, although he didn’t wait for his father, he did wait for Matthew, which happened to be a Saturday.

On his first day in office, Matthew witnesses the children playing a prank on Father Mai. Corporal punishment was not uncommon in the auxiliary schools. Whenever a student made a mistake, their principle was one-on-one punishment and detention. Only then will they understand and be obedient.

However, Matthew, as a teacher, does not approve of corporal punishment. He teaches students in a way that students have never seen before. For students who have hurt Father Mai, he asks them to take the initiative to take care of the injured priest, so that they can realize their own mistakes and make up for them, and realize the good intentions of the priest.

An accident students because of curiosity to take Matthew teacher write lyrics and music, he has already sworn not to compose, but hear the students out of tune singing, but inspired him to hide the creation of long time inspiration, let him germination group chorus idea. Never say never, anything is possible.

After he had an idea, he acted immediately. Are they really a group of hopeless students? Can only corporal punishment be used to wring them into submission? Matthew didn’t think so, and through music they would be guided to good.

Through the selection of the voice, Matthew began to slowly build a choir, to cultivate their musical literacy, through this thing he also slowly found that the students changed little by little. They are those who love singing and music, and those who love the sound of music must be good in nature.

Among the students, Matthew found a student with musical talent, Pierre, who grew up in a single-parent family. In fact, he was not as bad as everyone imagined. He was just influenced by his family and the surrounding environment and closed his heart, often doing things against his will. Matthew decided to open the closed door of his heart through language communication and music, and rekindle his hope for the people and things around him.

When the choir is getting better, the corporal punishment is gradually disappearing, everything is so good, even the dean has gradually changed. However, due to a man-made fire, the dean asked Matthew to leave his job. Although he was not willing to part with the students, Matthew still left the auxiliary college, but his education and guidance to the students had an impact on their lives. As the lyrics go:

Vois sur ton chemin
 Gamins oubliés égarés
 Donne leur la main
 Pour les menés vers d'autre lendemain
 Sent au coeur de la nuit
 L'onde d'espoir
 Ardeur de la vie
 Sentier de gloire
 Bonheurs enfantins
 trop vite oublié effacé s
 Une lumière dorée brille sans fin
 Tout au bout du chemin
 Sent au coeur de la nuit
 L'onde d'espoir
 Ardeur de la vie
 Sentier de gloire