Leaving Las Vegas The most negative movie

I don’t agree with the content of this movie, and it cannot be denied that this is an extremely good movie. And Sarah just regarded Ben as a spiritual support in the dark life, loving someone is definitely not just watching him die.

This is a bewitching movie, and I can’t agree with everything that happens in the movie. But as Voltaire said: I cannot agree with every word you say, but I swear to defend your right to speak. I don’t agree with the content of this movie, and it cannot be denied that this is an extremely good movie.

First briefly introduce the background of the movie script, it may be easier to understand why this movie shows such a tragic life. The film is adapted from O’Brien’s novel “Leaving Las Vegas” of the same name. The author committed suicide shortly after the novel was completed. This is his only work.

In the movie, Nicholas Cage plays a downturned screenwriter. The only thing he does in the movie is alcoholism. The film does not clearly tell everyone whether it is the broken family that caused his alcoholism, or is it because of Ben’s alcoholism. Disrupting the family, the film only shows a family photo implicitly, which was later thrown into the flames by Ben.

After bidding farewell to the family, Ben gradually collapsed step by step. This is what he hoped. Ben clearly said that he just wanted to get drunk and wait to die. From the departure of friends, to being fired, to selling all the family properties, to Las Vegas. What Ben does every day is drinking and waiting to die.

All this has not changed, even if a prostitute who seems to love him appears, none of this has changed.

In our imagination, when two people who have been hit by society meet in adversity, they should start to support each other, and there is no traditional way of inspiring each other.

These two people met by chance on the street and walked together, without changing the trajectory of their lives at all. Sara continues her skin and flesh business, and she can’t see that Ben is a little bit mindful and trying to stop it. Sarah is not only not opposed to Ben’s alcoholism, but a kind of disguised support, a gift she gave to Ben. It is an exquisite hip flask.

This is too far from the traditional concept. Shouldn’t two people love each other to encourage each other and support each other to make each other better? what is this? A prostitute and a drunkard, not only did the two of them fail to change their minds, they are sinking deeper and deeper into their own dark realm! One was raped by others in turn, and the other finally died of drunkenness in bed.

The most unacceptable thing is that the film shows all of this in a flat, without any inclination lens to show all of this happening. The movie makes all this seem so natural and so ordinary, so that we have no way to criticize the role played by Nicolas Cage, and we feel more of a kind of powerlessness to reality.

Leaving Las Vegas

It seems that if any person is in this kind of lens environment, he can only develop according to this kind of plot. This may be the most unacceptable part of this movie, and it is also the most brilliant part of it.

The director and Cage have a good grasp of the darkest part of life. You know it is dark, but this is your own destiny. You simply have no plans, ideas, or motivation to make any changes. What’s more, in some cases, not only will external forces not help you get out of this gloom, even the person you love will even continue to indulge you in the way she loves. This is too desperate.

In fact, many times in life are like this. We will also indulge in a state of life. Sometimes we will find a hundred reasons for indulging in this, so that we will not be changed at all. And outsiders will take care of your life and death at all, and they will let you annihilate with reasons to love you or hate you.

Leaving Las Vegas is easier said than done.

In fact, Sarah is a girl who wants to change. From the beginning, she tried to escape the control of the pimp, but failed. Then she had to play various roles on the bed of the prostitute. It wasn’t until I met Ben that Sarah had just recovered a bit of her own essence, but Sarah at this time also did not have the determination to change completely, she just regarded Ben as a safe haven where she can forget everything for a short time. She still plays the role of a prostitute outside.

She can tolerate everything about Ben just because Ben can bring her a little peace at home.

So I don’t recognize any love between Sara and Ben at all. I also think that the author did not plan their love at all. If there is love, it should be the love for his wife.

And Sarah just regarded Ben as a spiritual support in the dark life, loving someone is definitely not just watching him die.