lack Adam review: super surprise ending, where will the DC Extended Universe go?

Black Adam story background can be traced back to 5,000 years ago, in the Middle East there is an ancient kingdom of Kandak, where the king worshiped black magic, so he began to slave people to help him forge a crown can enter the realm of the demon gods.

Just when the king finally built it, the long-enslaved Tis Adam got the divine power to incarnate Black Adam and destroyed the dynasty, and Black Adam also disappeared together with the king in that mysterious revenge.

This also becomes the background of the current main timeline pavement, an organization called the International Gang to the present day Kandak oppression and control, the purpose is to find the crown built by the old king back then.

In this process, the heroine as an explorer found the crown, but also found the tomb of Black Adam, all the “marriage” under the coincidence, Black Adam was awakened, followed by the fight scene. Black Adam’s appearance attracted the attention of the Justice Society of America JSA, so the JSA led by the Hawkman to meet Black Adam, needless to say that the two sides are also fighting fighting fighting fighting.

Then from the trailer we can also see that the real villain is the demon Shabak from hell.

In short, after watching the trailer you basically know that the film in the narrative, will not give you too many outstanding surprises, but I wonder how many people after watching the trailer, is ready to “New Batman” and “Joker” psychological preconceptions to see “Black Adam”?

So let’s talk about the action part that everyone cares about the most.

To put it simply, “Black Adam” is a thoroughly entertaining popcorn super-duper cool movie, hit and done, for the audience seeking the maximum degree of audio-visual viewing stimulation on the big screen.

Many films about the origin of the superhero genre, are the first half to shape the character how to become a person with superpowers, and then and superpower integration, growth, the process of transformation, such a template allows us to see the protagonist’s journey, but also at the expense of the superhero character who came up to show superpowers, and even to the end of the film, the protagonist to become a superhero in the true sense of the word.

And “Black Adam” does not whole these comics in the origin of the road, the first up is to be awakened Black Adam to show their abilities.

The film’s narrative uses the most formulaic and uninspired, but also the most efficient way to tell us clearly and concisely, give me a fight! There is not a lot of literary scenes, they are simple and brutal to serve the fight scene.

Of course, the super British genre is never short of fight fight fight, I think the film’s resourcefulness is that many of the parts of the drama, the film has found a way to blend into the fight scene, so that the side of the fight to advance the plot, the most interesting to me is Black Adam taunting the scene of the Hawkman, holding hostages and torture and play handsome, but also a certain degree to let the plot as far as possible to move forward.

About Black Adam’s superpowers, the comic’s Black Adam divine power from the ancient Egyptian gods, and previously Shazam from the same Eternal Council, so in the superpower skills, and Shazam is almost the same.

But in the special effects funding, Black Adam in all aspects of the display of superpowers have jumped several notches, which is also related to the so-called brutal Black Adam persona, the film began to massacre the “international gang” army scenes, to show us Black Adam’s explosive skills indicators.

Especially the speed, following the DCEU consistent combination of realistic perspective and slow perspective, realistic speed perspective can make people think of “Body of Steel”, slow speed can make people think back to the Flash.

And slow motion is not exaggerated, in the action scenes accounted for the length, I do not think too lose to Zha Guiding, Zha Guiding slow motion to the beauty of the picture to do framing, more slow more to capture the composition and light and shadow.

Black Adam” slow motion is more pragmatic, to be in slow motion, to give the audience to see more Black Adam in the slow world to do things, this presentation is very much like the “X-Men Reversal of Future” in the performance of the fast silver.

In particular, Black Adam has just been awakened to fight the international gang that scene, the counterpart is the scene where Quick Silver saves the students of the Academy, Black Adam did a lot of things in the slow world.

On Black Adam put lightning skills, in slow motion also capture more details. In addition to these, flight, swords and guns, etc. are standard, but for the Eternal Stone element will affect his combat power… A little bit, at least in the film does not hurt much, which is what I want to talk about after the in-depth discussion of Black Adam’s weaknesses.

These visual effects visible to the naked eye, in the mature film industry as well as in place under the financial support, can be said to be one of the ceilings of the super British type action fight scene, whether it is good to see the sting is not exciting quite subjective, for me to look at is to feel very cool.

In fact, these are not enough to make Black Adam become I feel cool film emotions pull full of existence, I think it is very important reason, is Black Adam is a giant stone Johnson! Seriously, I can not think of anyone more suitable to play Black Adam than Stone Johnson until now!

Family man does not agree that I can not help it. That is also the reason, which brings out the role of Black Adam itself in the film can not ignore the problem.

Next, let’s talk about the story and characters of “Black Adam”.

The film has always emphasized that Black Adam is the anti-hero, but perhaps the film has a new definition of the word anti-hero, from their own “New Batman”, the film’s Bruce Wayne seems to sink more into darkness and unscrupulousness than Black Adam, more anti-hero flavor.

And in the “Black Adam” movie, the anti-hero setting all relies on peers to set up the villain TOUCH contrast, but Black Adam actually from one to the other, as a person of integrity without flaw.

How to understand this sentence, here we have to slightly deeper drama.

When Black Adam was awakened, and the organization of the international gang to fight, Black Adam killed without blinking, but these international gangs in the beginning of the film has done a complete endorsement, they are regardless of the people of Kandak dead or alive warlords, no humanity to speak of, dead words deserve to die, they are just some of the pawn no memory points of NPCs, kill more than a few kill a few at all without any moral kidnapping.

So after Black Adam took out a whole army of international gangs, he didn’t need to take on too much reflection and damage to his persona, so the view will continue until the end of the film.

Here will be easy to give everyone the illusion that Black Adam compared to Batman, he will kill oh, he is bad oh!

BUT, Black Adam killed are optional no face memory of the bad guys, afraid that we can not see, at the beginning of the Black Adam wake up after the escape, but also more a detail to show that Black Adam does not kill innocent civilian heroine, but also save her.

And the other side as a foil for JSA, will look as if Black Adam does seem a little bad bad… Illusion, because the JSA represents absolute justice, do not kill, to peace, and to comply with international law and so on and so forth.

But the contradiction is that even the film itself spit, then the international gang for more than a decade to control Kandak when the JSA where they people.

This before and after the contradiction, but also more weakened the existence of Black Adam as an anti-hero.

So in the end, Black Adam from the past to the present, in fact, what he did, the underlying logic is that he did not really teeter on the edge of morality, sin and punishment.

In the scene of Black Adam’s past timeline, just when Black Adam’s anger and sadness to erode reason (also known as blackening), it is just the right time to be sealed by the Eternal Council.

By the time Black Adam was awakened, he was disconnected from modern times and just in time to meet the bad guys, showing the violent side of Black Adam, but just in time not to let him hurt the innocent.

These clever (chicken) to avoid the so-called “I can kill” impulse of Black Adam, but also give the audience the illusion that Black Adam can really do anything.

But the truth is that Black Adam is a good man, and more in line with the audience’s psychological expectations of a good man, he eliminated evil, rich in the same mood, with a sad tragic past, but not like the JSA as unsympathetic rules and rigid.

Yes, when it comes to the JSA, in fact, the entire organization in the film belong to the green leaf like support, although the JSA does not have the Justice League came to the super British characters so classic and well-known, but in the “Black Adam” directly even the role of the background and story in a sentence, even the atom smasher and cyclone is not much background story, is considered a direct recruitment of two people with superpowers only.

They also happen to fit the position of supporting characters, that is, if taken away, the impact on the plot is zero.

That said, the cyclone can control the special effects of airflow, the color of the extended effects make me think not of airflow, but the smell, feel that she is with a taste in the flow, of course, this taste is incense within the species.

Amanda flash role, simply to tell us that this is the work of the DCEU it, let’s expand the imagination, which will appear next super Ying.

But Hawkman and Dr. Fate is still worth a look, Hawkman against the Falcon next door is now the United States team, but here the Hawkman is much richer than the Falcon.

Hawkman and Black Adam actually have a great deal in common, that is, they want to follow their own way, and desperately contribute to the achievement of a thing, but the means used and the logic of thinking completely different.

The role of Hawkman in the film is the other extreme of Black Adam’s persona, Hawkman has a so-called “moral cleanliness”, that wrongdoers can not become heroes, and to receive due punishment.

Black Adam is through their own experience, and understand the specific things in the scales of self judgment, so the judgment is closer to the audience presented by the bad guys, more accessible to Black Adam rather than high, of course, there is no human reflection, moral collision of such a difficult problem.

In addition, I think the plot is a pity that it did not use Dr. Fate, the super-English, Dr. Fate can see the future, I think also through this ability, to operate some of our unexpected plot reversal.

Although the film did do so, but such a cliché reversal, I have predicted Dr. Fate’s prediction.

And then talk about the persona of Black Adam, as we all know, Stone Johnson himself for their own screen image, the purpose must be to follow the upright fierce tough guy persona, and to always be invincible.

Although Boulder Johnson brought us a heavyweight performance, but on the current look down, the biggest weakness of the Black Adam persona is that there is no weakness, we can only peek out of his tragic past, but the revelation of this past, just stitching the reason for Black Adam’s anger, rather than character growth or twist, there is nothing to talk about the anti-hero.

However, as I talked about earlier, even though the plot and characters can be polished in a deeper direction, but in order to comply with the positioning of entertainment simple and straight to give, the film chose to boldly make trade-offs, to simplify these concepts, to give the audience a clear character motivation and logic, to lay out the fight scene is enough.

Finally to talk about the development of the DCEU from the perspective of the DCEU, shallow talk about the direction of the DCEU after, no doubt the film’s biggest highlight, is the end of the “Black Adam” “super” surprise.

The next is a bigger spoiler, please watch at your discretion.

After defeating Shabak in the final showdown, Black Adam became the protector of Kandak, giving the people of Kandak true freedom. And Black Adam is still a threat to the world, so Amanda sent a drone over to make a holographic image of herself talking to Black Adam. So that Amanda pay really expensive on the right, can not show the whole body, can not have a walk, can only say a few lines to the screen cameo under. Amanda then gave Black Adam conditions, Black Adam can not go to prison, but the premise is that he can not leave Kandak, Kandak is Black Adam’s prison.

Black Adam how will listen to this arrangement, directly rebuffed, and this time Amanda threatened, there must be someone to stop you, and this person, and not human. Black Adam directly blew up the drone to say, you come over ah, just then, John Williams’ classic Superman BGM, up! Henry Cavill version of Superman walked into the picture from the smoke, this time he was wearing the classic bright Superman costume of comics, Superman said to Black Adam, we should talk about it. After saying that the corners of Black Adam’s mouth rose, here to talk properly, not inevitably is to move to talk about it. Yes! Henry Cavill returns to the DCEU! Then Big Ben’s Batman will be far… Yes!

On a related note, just when “Black Adam” was just released, Warner DC President Walter Hamada resigned, his four-year tenure, the main performance is to keep the DCEU stable in place, let Za Guiding, Henry and Big Ben and DC say goodbye, and then by virtue of his own power, let himself become DC’s biggest reality villain.

Now he successfully left, finished sprinkling.

Then another latest news, Warner is indeed developing Henry starring “Superman Man of Steel 2”, although only development, but also a good news, but it is said that “Black Superman” Warner is also in the plan on the right.

While the DCEU still has tricky PRs like Ezra Miller, the Flash, and Lady of the Sea, Amber Shields, to get, these all seem to be gradually getting new eyes and plans.

Anyway, let’s go back to “Black Adam”, Henry’s return did bring a surprise to the old DCEU fans, although the current “Black Adam” word-of-mouth rating opinion is mixed, we are still not quite clear to see the future direction of the DCEU, but we do see the DCEU began to come out of obscurity, to try to run their own universe.

Some people say that “Black Adam” is just a return of Henry, and does not make the DCEU shine, and do not see any big ambitions, perhaps in the background of the story is not set so closely related to the next family.

But better than nothing, and the commercial film market is very realistic, I believe that as long as the box office is good enough, will let the DCEU more capital to expand their own cinematic universe, then there will be better burning funds of cool films, or like the “new Batman”, “Joker” such a super British type of film appeared.

When the time comes, we will each take what we need.