“Hawkeye” is also in a marital dispute, Disney will give up on him like Depp?

“Hawkeye” Jeremy Renner is now officially being sued by his ex-wife, who accuses him of making physical threats against him. This scene feels similar to the 2016 divorce dispute between “Captain Jack” Johnny Depp and “Queen Mayra” Amber Sheard. The final result of the latter is: Depp was swept out of the house by Disney in a protracted “divorce tug-of-war”.

When “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” was released, Disney rumored to restart the series, not because it was unwilling to pay Depp up to $ 90 million, it was because at that time, Captain Jack and the sea Queen May pull the really unbearable, and the key is that which is right and which is wrong Disney is not clear, worried about Depp once the “crime” sat, their own will also be implicated, so immediately cut the knife and give Depp “removed”.

In fact, until now, between Uncle Depp and Emmett are unclear. Although at first Uncle Depp paid Amber seven million dollars breakup fee, seemingly “peaceful breakup”, but after the reputation and business are greatly affected Depp and “defamation” sued Amber, and claim 50 million dollars.

On the one hand, Uncle Depp was “jobless” and accused by various feminist organizations; on the other hand, Emmerich was very profitable in this confrontation, in addition to the above-mentioned $7 million compensation, she also became a member of the MeToo (U.S. anti-sexual harassment movement) movement, but also as the first actress to become “human rights advocate of the United Nations Office of Human Rights”, and was appointed as a feminist ambassador of the American Civil Rights League.

The rise in exposure and fame also made Emmabeth highly sought-after, and she was immediately hired by L’Oreal as a global spokesperson for the commercial, and later worked with Wendy Wimmer and Jason Momma on the DC hit “The King of the Sea”. It can also be said that if it were not for Depp, the role of “Queen of the Sea” may not have anything to do with Emmett at all.

So, with Uncle Depp as a guide, even if “Hawkeye” Jeremy Renner is innocent, there is no problem, but this “cut and dried” marriage lawsuit is quite easy to fall on people’s lips, plus the network itself is a place to catch wind of the story, once be Once “identified” a matter, you can not say even if you have a hundred mouths. So, in this situation where things have become a mess, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye’s future is affected is sure to happen.

Yes, it will certainly happen, just to see the degree will deteriorate to what extent, but also depends on the luck.

Disney has always been more decisive in dealing with issues that may suffer “damage to reputation”. Uncle Depp is not the only specific example. From 2003 to 2017, the Pirates of the Caribbean series is older than the qualifications of the MCU universe, said to stop. Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn is the same, inappropriate remarks a fermentation, immediately with the release of the contract, “Silver Guardian 3” shooting also skipped.

However, due to the good luck and character of Gurnee, supported by many stars and a large number of fans, so the incident later calmed down, and was re-hired by Disney, continue to direct the “Silver Guardian 3”.

In fact, in this case, Disney’s “wallflower” attribute is quite strong, the practice is quite unattractive, although it seems to comply with the “people’s wishes”, but in fact, only their own speculation. But this is not wrong, Disney as an entertainment empire, indeed in some things to keep “cool”.

And when this “coolness” will come to Jeremy Renner, it is not easy to say. If the dispute continues to worsen, so that Disney believes that may affect their own image, was “open” will not be any surprise.

But the problem is that the current Disney streaming platform Disney + Marvel custom drama “Hawkeye” is already in the pipeline, Jeremy Renner is the absolute protagonist, then, Jeremy Renner in the family dispute matters on the excessive consumption, do not know how big the impact of the show.

According to well-known media people Daniel Richtman revealed that the possibility of “Hawkeye being opened” has been made by Marvel Studios into a “contingency plan”, that is, if Hawkeye return episodes are not realistic, then Marvel Studios may have considered enough different ways to introduce the “new Hawkeye” Kate Bishop (Kate Bishop).

Although for the moment, just because Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife in the custody of their daughter or other related divorce disputes, Disney fired him, it is still suspicious. After all, for the moment, Jeremy Renner’s dispute is not serious enough to Depp or Guinn. Now the only worry is that Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife has completely ripped each other apart, exploding each other, and Jeremy’s other ex-girlfriend also joined in the explosion, so “Hawkeye” may really follow Uncle Depp’s footsteps. And for Marvel, a super British actor’s image if the collapse of its “hero” itself, but also has an impact.