Don’t Breathe theft was imprisoned, the heroine’s father chased and killed touching

Born in 2016, this film, despite an investment of only $9.9 million, has earned $157 million at the global box office, making it a dark horse blockbuster. The three burglars are chased by a blind retired veteran, and the cinematography, editing and fights are all very well thought out, making it a thrilling R-rated film with the same title “Don’t Breathe”!

The 88-minute film, although most of the time only a three-man burglary gang and veterans, imprisoned women, but from the first aerial long shot, from the far side of the house stretched to the middle of the street, a sixty-year-old man dragged the seriously injured heroine forward, the ground bloodstained, who are the two? Eye-catching!

In the film, Rocky, Manny and Alex is a group of repeat burglars gang, they first attacked an empty house. Manny took away valuable jewelry, watches, but also deliberately touched the vase, peeing everywhere, no bottom line, Alex is inexplicably picked up a book, the handsome burglar a little fresh.

Female protagonist Rocky into the room is dedicated to sweeping luxury goods, she was busy while also wearing the master of a set of gorgeous clothes, beautiful addiction. She also lay in the mansion’s big bed, revealing an enchanted expression, which shows that the heroine of the material life eagerly!

After all, Rocky has to support her decadent mother and mom’s boyfriend at home, as well as a lovely sister. However, she is faced with her sister’s desire to go to California to sunbathe on the beach and learn to water ski, she can only helplessly confess, “Some things you can’t change, no matter how unfair it is!” She wants to leave her bloodsucking relatives in her bones.

One to squander money, one for the beloved goddess, one to improve their lives, they carry different purposes towards the mansion of a retired veteran, thinking that they can bully a double blind widowed old man, but unexpectedly the other party is a fierce god returning from the Gulf battlefield, and like a demon to make the three into a nightmare!

With “Avatar” villain became popular Stephen Lang, very suitable for playing this muscle man tough guy. This blind old man is a retired Navy SEAL, but unfortunately in the Iraqi war wounded resulting in blindness. He wore an undershirt to reveal his lurid muscles, a pair of white eyes, white hair + beard pulling, living like a psychopathic murderer, more chilling!

And from the young burglars being scared by the hounds, to the shot of them just entering the room, there is a long shot of nearly three and a half minutes, perfectly showing the mansion space construction! Each furnishing details and murder weapon are echoed in the back, blind veterans with the burglars smear confrontation, the kind of saber-rattling thriller atmosphere is also created superb!

The thieves first recklessly smashed the door, hit the lock with a gun, how arrogant! They did not expect to meet the blind old man, the other side has strong hearing, he first detected the intrusion, and then quickly killed the gun Manny! From then on, the burglars became the victims of abuse, and had to run around the house and play guerrilla, in a terrible situation!

There was a time when the lights went out and the burglars, both male and female, went to hide under the black and white camera, and it was nerve-wracking to watch their fearful appearance as they walked on thin ice. And Alex had fallen out of the window on the glass, looking at his body gradually broken glass to his whole person really fell, that sense of immersive danger is also great!

In avoiding the old man’s pursuit, the heroine and the spare tire broke into the basement, but found a captive beauty. She is the rich white girl who ran over the old man’s daughter, thought to pay for plus send a mansion to even things out, this perpetrator was caught by the old man, let her give birth to a child, too sick!

In the back, the veteran shot in the dark, but accidentally killed the rich girl who was pregnant with his own child, his grief-stricken look is creepy!

Big Boss, in addition to constantly alarming and chasing the pair, also unleashes a vicious Rottweiler. This makes the heroine even escape from the house, must be in the junk car and vicious dog fight, so that the whole film into a small monster hunt film, full of deadly danger!

After the veteran captures the heroine, he does not use rough sexual assault methods, but ties her up and chooses to artificially inseminate her with his own saved semen. He calmly said, “As long as you accept the fact that there is no God, people can do anything”, both with the character’s perverted actions to make people’s heads tingle, but also reveal his anger and sadness after the old man has nothing to live for!

The male burglar had several proposals to trigger the alarm to the police, all because of the heroine’s greed missed the opportunity, the latter was caught again, she wisely touched the alarm sound, the harsh sound triggered the veteran’s battlefield sequelae, before escaping, this kind of padding and ambush is very subtle!

Maggie told in the front that she was locked in the trunk of the car as a child, had flown into a ladybug in her arm, so that the girl’s lonely heart was comforted, did not expect her to eventually escape after seeing a ladybug again, as if reborn.

At the end, the airport TV news report, it is two thugs broke into the home of a blind veteran, the old man killed the thugs in self-defense heroic deeds, but he did not dare to reveal the heroine robbed money and ran away, hiding their perverted crime!

In the end, the heroine snatched the huge sum of money, with her sister and luggage, towards the avenue of the airport (luggage, departure, arrival)! Last night’s thrilling night, as if it had not happened, everything goes on in everyday life, but more thoughtful!

The New York Daily News has praised Don’t Breathe: “Director Fede Alvarez has mastered the Hitchcockian tension, proving himself to be an excellent film creator even when dealing with realistic horror themes!”

This horror film does not have ghosts, but in the Hollywood filmmakers to create excellence, but the dark side of human nature nakedly exposed, but more frightening than ghosts!