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The stunning result of the Spanish movie Contratiempo

The Movie premiered in Spain in 2017. Since this is the main suspense film, it is to test the audience’s IQ, suspense films are mostly like this, will set up a mystery

M3GAN: Machine girl bloody murder thoughtful

In early 2023, M3GAN was a hit! The film only 12 million investment, the first week box office exceeded 30.2 million dollars earned crazy! Artificial intelligence dolls rebel against murder, although not

The Devil’s Advocate Review: Scary Humanity

Today I finished watching the movie “Devil’s Advocate”. I was really shocked by the distortion of human nature. The hero also came to his senses in the cold water wash at the

Fresh’s comment: Perverted doctor makes top-notch cuisine out of his girlfriend

The black-hearted and unethical Tinder scam king. He planned an epic pig-killing scheme across multiple countries, involving several people and a huge amount of money, leaving three female victims empty and in

Review of The Last Duel: A Belittled Feminist Masterpiece

Until we see the film’s climactic duel, which should have been tense and heart-wrenching, but I was in the same mood as Margaret, cold as death. The men on the dueling field

“A Quiet Place 2”: The best horror film of the year did not disappoint!

Going back to the release of “A Quiet Place 2”, it should bring us even greater surprises on the “sound” level. When we saw the trailer, the heroine took the baby all

Daybreakers is an R-rated horror movie that takes you into a world dominated by vampires

For many years, vampires have been one of the favored description objects in film and television works. No one knows whether there are any vampires in the world, and no one knows

How exactly does Triangle’s endless loop work?

If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably heard of Triangle. But in case you haven’t noticed, Triangle isn’t exactly a horror movie, as it’s called. Triangle is actually a thriller. Some friends

Mystic River: Insulted and Damaged

Three little boys, Jimmy, Dave and Sean, were the best playmates when they were young. However, when they were ten years old, two perverted pedophiles disguised themselves as police officers, took one

What is the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest trying to convey?

In the movie, you can find out what is happening in the world and what may happen to you,In order to find the highest depth, the most mysterious thinking, and the most