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Darkest Hour: Choices under the historical sky

The film “Darkest Hour” is a historical biopic directed by British director Joe White. The film “Darkest Hour” is a change from the traditional narrative of war films and historical films that

Blade Runner (1982): a cyberpunk aesthetic

Blade Runner is a pioneer of the cyberpunk genre, with huge cities raining in the dark, neon lights flashing, large Japanese beauty ads playing repeatedly on skyscrapers, people crowding and hustling like

Bullet Train review: six months did not wait in vain, Pitt’s latest film

Brad Pitt starred in this new R-rated movie just released in theaters. Six months ago to see the trailer, it feels that the visual effects of this movie is extraordinary, and now

The Ultimate Romance of Destruction — David Leitch “Bullet Train” Movie Review

The story takes place on the Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto, Japan, which explains why I prefer the direct translation to the lame Italian translation. I don’t know if the Taiwan

Ambulance review: thrilling action movie

Adapted from the Danish Hollywood movie of the same name, “Ambulance” was released during the epidemic, resulting in less than expected box office and attention, 137 minutes is also slightly long. But

July 22 review: True to the tragedy, no one really wins in the face of terror attacks

On July 22, 2011, a far-right extremist detonated a car bomb in Oslo and then launched a mass shooting at a youth leadership training camp, killing 77 people and shocking the world

How do you review the sci-fi American drama Foundation?

I had read the original Foundation, but that was at least ten years ago, and it was a disjointed read, and I didn’t end up getting to the end, so when I

How do you rate the movie “007: No Time To Die”?

The tone of “No Time To Die” has been revealed in its rather unique opening scene: Madeleine and Bond are living a reclusive life, but see an attack in the water. It

2021 top ten American movie rankings, 24 must-see blockbusters recommended

Even though the film industry’s shooting and release dates were delayed by the epidemic last year, it has given audiences a new perspective and method to appreciate movies, which is also a

“FREE GUY”: Write the most romantic love letter with the code of 0 and 1

“FREE GUY” can win my favor, and there is a more important emotional reason-it is a relatively rare Hollywood mainstream commercial film that values programmers and has a science and engineering romance.