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Marvel’s top ten organizations, the Guardians of the Galaxy only ranked tenth, the Tian Shen group background is the most mysterious!

Marvel layout ten years, now has constituted a relatively complete universe, with the debut of the major heroes, some mysterious organizations have also surfaced, and their forces are intertwined and influence each

Legendary top ten monsters, Mothra only ranked sixth, snow devil can freeze the world!

This time, we will update the “Monster Universe” battle power rankings, with the latest monsters as the focus of the inventory, to sort out these mysterious monsters for you.Tier 3: Skrull, Sea

The Division Review:Maybe only God can really save this place

I feel that the title of the film “Total Blockade” and the plot is a bit mismatched, easy and a game confused with the dishes, called “Kidnap City” more appropriate. The opening

Tropa de Elite Review:The shattering of the ideal of non-violence

It is not easy to come across a film that can satisfy different tastes at the same time, “Elite Force” belongs to this category, want to see the violence, the violence is

Princess Review:Everyone is atoning for their sins

Everyone, for the sake of their past, chooses to redeem themselves. this is true of August’s (the main character) sister Christina, and it is also true of August. The film begins with

Dark Blue world:Czech depression of World War II

In addition to Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland and a very few countries, European countries basically participated in World War II. So after the war, countries also made countless World War II movies,

10 American movie recommendations for 2023

1.Constantine 2 This film is adapted from the best-selling comic book “Hellblazer”. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the thriller horror film stars Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton and others. It is a

En kort en lang:all about love,all for love

I started to try to watch the original Danish DVDs, and after choosing a lot, acquiring some, and seeing a few, combined with my own feelings during my few months in Denmark,

Darkest Hour: Choices under the historical sky

The film “Darkest Hour” is a historical biopic directed by British director Joe White. The film “Darkest Hour” is a change from the traditional narrative of war films and historical films that

Blade Runner (1982): a cyberpunk aesthetic

Blade Runner is a pioneer of the cyberpunk genre, with huge cities raining in the dark, neon lights flashing, large Japanese beauty ads playing repeatedly on skyscrapers, people crowding and hustling like