Castle in the Sky Movie Review: The Ultimate Care for Peace and Beauty

Castle in the Sky is a classic animated work created and released by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki in the 1980s, which achieved not only great success at the box office, but also gained considerable success in terms of both the profound connotation reflected in the film and the social impact of the work.

This animated film tells a legendary story of innocence and cruelty. The ancient empire of Laputa is a huge machine island floating in the air, where legend has it that it is uninhabited and contains great wealth. Therefore, whether the military or pirates, are looking for this legendary flying island.

Miner Baru this day, he met Laputa heir Hida, the two met at once. Because Hida has an important object to find the Laputa Empire flying stone, the military and pirates both gangs are hunting for Hida. Baru with Sheeta fled together, and ultimately did not escape the hands of the military, Sheeta was taken captive by the army. To save his friends, Baloo can only choose to cooperate with the pirates. Baloo and the pirates successfully rescued Hida, at the same time, they also found the military’s evil plans. In order to stop the implementation of the military’s evil plans, they embarked on a journey with the pirates to find Laputa.

Miyazaki Hayao’s “Castle in the Sky” whether from the symbolic design or storyline, the author’s distaste for war and criticism, and, the director Miyazaki Hayao tried his best to gently show the artistic expression of the unpleasant history of Japan’s World War II, in the beautiful picture behind the director to guide the audience to reflect on the courage and original intention of the past.

As an outstanding animation creator in Asia and the world, Hayao Miyazaki has pioneered a great innovation and fusion of entertainment and profound thoughtfulness in animation, not only retaining the original essence and essence of Japanese animation, but also subtly putting the metaphors and symbols of traditional animated films into the story.

For Hayao Miyazaki, the works he created under his pen, whether it is “Valley of the Wind”, “Goodbye Firefly” or this “Castle in the Sky”, all more or less directly or indirectly portray the killing and gaming, due to the director’s own abhorrence of war, therefore, the works of the aggressive destruction of others and self-destruction of Japan is very strong exposure, you can You can feel the anxious and lamenting soul of the director behind the screen, and this lamentation shows an ultimate humanistic concern for peace and hope for people all over the world.

The film’s narrative is full of imagination and creativity for the world of adult animation, whether the boy Baloo and the girl Sheeta in the confrontation with the forces of evil in the main line of emotional impact, or the end of the film the emotional culmination of the disillusionment of the city of the sky, “Castle in the Sky” is full of imagination and creativity for the world of adult animation, and this creativity directly in the film of people and objects metaphor becomes vivid and vivid, as the final destruction of the city of Laputa symbolizes Take some desire and wealth instantly ashes, this metaphor with the war and killing of the senior hover island also represents the determination and desire of human beings to leave it.

And, director Hayao Miyazaki in the film’s overall anti-war style and color control, cleverly inserted in the film a smiling girl and lush green grass against each other’s rustic and pure images, in such a seemingly slightly outside the story of the wonderful contrast, showing the author’s picture of a better life and hope, and this warm beauty and further contrast the cruelty of war and killing. This warmth and beauty further contrasts the cruelty of war and killing, and visually mobilizes the audience’s emotions, arousing people’s disgust for war and their emotional resonance for peace and tranquility.

Castle in the Sky” is the anti-war consciousness contained in this animation background, the original extremely cruel truth to people, in the viewing comfort and connotation of metaphor to achieve a rich. If the viewer looks deeper, the people of Baruhida, a symbol of beauty and hope, are those who are fighting hard against the war, and human beings, in the context of the highly developed technology of World War II, are recklessly creating the “selfish” hovering sky town of Laputa, which is like the declaration of war against the world by all the anti-peace forces in World War II. This extreme self-destruction eventually turned into a disaster under the director’s camera.

Miyazaki will be the animation of the war to the real war level of history, very appropriate will be recorded through the lens of Baruhida all the way through the experience and struggle, in the struggle with the desire group deeply show the film for the ugly face of historical sinners and reflections, and reveal the director for the technological progress and civilization brought about by the development of the killings of the vague concern.

The film “Castle in the Sky” as a highly successful work of Hayao Miyazaki, it has achieved a very good artistic creation in the narrative, picture and overall texture, at the same time, the film behind the flow of several generations of Japanese people for the cruelty of war and do not forget the history of the appeal and reflection, showing a great creator’s mind and love and care for human civilization, therefore, in this world game Therefore, in this world game and the persistence of war today, the film has always given all people for the painful history of the deep admonition and warning, is a classic animation works enough to go down in film history.