“A Quiet Place 2”: The best horror film of the year did not disappoint!

Going back to the release of “A Quiet Place 2”, it should bring us even greater surprises on the “sound” level. When we saw the trailer, the heroine took the baby all the way to escape, this feeling, not to mention how exciting! You know, judging from the setting of this film, a baby is equivalent to a time bomb!

​Speaking of “A Quiet Place 2”, we can immediately think of two things: make a sound and you will die, and a woman must hold a child to give birth. ​The second part of this time finally mentions how the disaster happened and the scene of the slaughter of monsters at the beginning. But this past memory is just a flashback fragment.

The main story of the film immediately follows the first one. The mother played by Emily Blunt, drags the family, a boy and a girl, two rebellious teenagers, and a baby waiting to be fed, danger is looming. In addition, they will meet other people and fight against predatory monsters together. To put it simply, the layout of the second part is bigger, and the minds of the characters are also more. Whether the heroine’s family of four will survive or not is really unknown.

Speaking of this, I actually want to talk with you, how is the “A Quiet Place” series popular? Also, from the perspective of this series, what is the current new trend of horror films in the world?

Let us look back at the first part of 2018. It actually tells a very simple story about how a family of four survived the end of the world. The monster hunting in the film resembles an alien, with claws that can easily cut through metal, and has an acceleration comparable to Lycan’s supercar. It has no vision and acts only by hearing. However, any slightly sharper sound can immediately attract them, and then a fatal blow.

In the first part alone, the heroine first lost her youngest son, and then lost her husband, in an extremely miserable situation. Especially when she gave birth to a child, I believe audiences who have watched it will never forget it. The three narrative clues are tightly intertwined. The heroine is pierced with nails on the soles of her feet. When the child is about to give birth, she has to escape calmly and calmly, which is thrilling to see.

Therefore, with a cost of only US$1,700, the film finally won a global box office of US$300 million, becoming one of the horror films with the highest box office return in recent years. In fact, the success of “A Quiet Place” is that it is very different from traditional horror films. And these magic weapons are also the current trend and direction of horror films in the world.

First of all, “A Quiet Place” discards two characteristics of traditional horror movie.

The first is the “horror face”. In the past horror movies, whether it is a perverted murderer or an evil spirit or ghost, they all have a shocking face. For example, Freddy in “a Nightmare on Elm Street”, his whole body torn and ruined face, the five fingers of his right hand were fitted with metal paws; or in “Saw”, the puppet doll riding a bicycle, look It’s very crippled. In “A Quiet Place”, there is no such shallow level of horror, even if it is a monster hunting, it has not appeared a few times.

Second, jump scare, this technique is a commonplace in traditional horror movies. In “The Grudge”, the sudden appearance of Kayako, or the sudden assassination of the skeleton killer in “Scream” are all this trick. Similarly, “A Quiet Place” has also given up this “one trick”, and there is almost no “shock” plot.

Therefore, for “A Quiet Place” to succeed, naturally there are other tricks. Generally speaking, there are three points:

  1. It is a high-energy setting. In addition to being a horror film, this film is also a science fiction film. Its sci-fi setting is that monsters can be hunted by sound. Under this setting, many daily habits have undergone interesting changes. For example, you can’t wear shoes when you walk; you have to use leaves instead of porcelain or glass to eat; and you can use sign language for communication. These details can not only play the role of horror suggestion, but also have a sense of fun with brainstorming.Jordan Peel’s two movies actually have this kind of high-energy setting. The first film “Blumhouse” is set for whites to use black bodies to install their souls; in the second film “We”, “Shadow” wants to replace humans, and humans revolt.
  1. Is the atmosphere rendering. At this point, as long as the audience has watched the first movie, they will smile. What do you mean by not daring to gasp out loudly while watching a movie? What is a weapon to treat the clamor of bear children? The film is simply the truth. We followed the hostess’s family, cautiously, for fear of a sound in the silent air. It would be weird to be able to make the audience “fear” like this and “A Quiet Place” was unsuccessful!
  1. Grand theme. Someone saw the director’s reflection on city life in “A Quiet Place”. Because the sounds of cars, shopping malls, and human voices in cities are most likely to attract the attention of monsters, the hostess’s family lives in the suburbs, far away from big cities.

Ali Esther’s “A Midsummer Nightmare” or Jordan Peel’s “Escape from Desperate Town” also has a deep meaning. One is reflecting on interpersonal relationships in capitalist society, and the other is reflecting on racial bullying in the United States. Therefore, when we watch these films, we are not only challenging the senses, but can also comprehend the profound connotations no less than literary films.

Taking these “reasons for winning” together, it is actually a major trend in the world’s horror movies: high-end style, literary style, and science fiction style. These films pay attention to creativity and put a lot of effort into composition, setting and performance, and no longer rely on rough emotional stimulation. The audience can buy it, and the major awards are also generously presented, which proves that the current horror films have long been upgraded.

Going back to the release of “A Quiet Place 2”, it should bring us even greater surprises on the “sound” level. When we saw the trailer, the heroine took the baby all the way to escape, this feeling, not to mention how exciting! You know, judging from the setting of this film, a baby is equivalent to a time bomb!