2021 top ten American movie rankings, 24 must-see blockbusters recommended

Even though the film industry’s shooting and release dates were delayed by the epidemic last year, it has given audiences a new perspective and method to appreciate movies, which is also a reward. The most anticipated American movies in 2021.

1.Raya and the Last Dragon Release date: March 5 (US)

Synopsis: In the mysterious realm named Lumandra, the warrior Raya must find the last dragon in the legend to resist the evil force that will come back 500 years later.

2.Zack Snyder’s Justice League Release date: March 18 (US)Synopsis:

The movie is edited by the director of the Justice League in 2017, and it lasts four hours. Zha Dao hopes that he can show his vision of the Justice League back then, because Zha Dai was repeatedly interfered by Warner when filming the Justice League. For example, Steppenwolf in the theater was actually a product of Warner’s intervention.

3.Godzilla vs. Kong Release date: March 31 (US)

Synopsis: It tells the story of the emperor’s organization finding clues to the origin of the giant beast while performing a dangerous mission in the precipitous and unknown world of the inner earth. At the same time, the mankind’s plan to wipe out all the giant beasts from the earth gradually surfaced, and the legendary confrontation between the two kings of Godzilla and King Kong will also be on the verge.

4.Black Widow Release date: May 7 (U.S.)

Synopsis: A spy horror movie with many action scenes. Faced with dangerous conspiracies related to her past, Natasha Romanov/Black Widow will face her darker experiences.

5.Free Guy Release date: May 21 (US)

Synopsis: Ryan will play the role of a bank teller. He later found out that he was just an NPC in the open world called “Free City”. What would he do? Thinking of a novel, npc gradually awakens the will to play with the players, and finally understands the truth of their existence, and then the game is closed.

6.A Quiet Place Part 2 Release date: May 28 (US)

Synopsis: Continuing the setting of the silent world in the first part, it tells the story of the heroine’s family continuing to find another foothold and fighting against the monsters. When I watched this movie in the cinema, I was trembling, trembling, and trembling. I didn’t dare to watch, and I was embarrassed to leave, so I could only put on headphones, curl up and listen to the song with my eyes closed.

7.Fast and Furious 9 Release date: June 25 (US)

Synopsis: Van Diesel and others continue to star, continuing the consistent style of speed and passion. In 7, Wen Ziren’s mirror operation is refreshing, and is different from the quick-cut style of 5, to be honest, the drag racing scene of 5 flashed too fast, dazzling and unclear. And 7 is more evenly distributed than 5. 5 gives me the feeling that the plot is better and more romantic, but the rhythm and violence are not as good as 7.

8.Venom: Let There Be Carnage Release date: June 25 (US)

Synopsis: The villain Carnage is online! With a US$100 million investment, “Venom” currently has a global box office of US$677 million, and it may eventually reach US$800 million. The profit will exceed all Sony’s previous Spider-Man movies.

9.Top Gun: Maverick Release date: July 2 (US)

Synopsis: After 35 years, Brother Tom has returned to the top of his lofty ambitions again! Continue the story of the pilot! To be honest, I really feel very passionate when I see Brother Tom’s heroic appearance and wearing his shirt again after 35 years!

10.Space Jam 2 Release date: July 16 (United States)

Synopsis: The Slam Dunk in the air launched in 1996 is definitely a memory of a generation. Slam Dunk 2 is a 2021 American live-action animated sports comedy movie.

11.Jungle Cruise Release date: July 30 (United States)

Synopsis: Starring Dashi Johnson, tells the story of a team of people adventuring in the Amazon jungle. They created a film of the same name based on the Disneyland amusement project “Jungle Cruise” (Jungle Cruise).

12.Hotel Transylvania 4 Release date: August 6 (U.S.)

Synopsis: It is an American 3D computer animation comedy film scheduled to be released in 2021. The film is the sequel of the 2018 film “Takea Minute 3: Crazy Holidays” and the fourth film of the “Tower Spirits series”.

13.The Suicide Squad Release date: August 6 (US)

Synopsis: The return of Harley Quinn! It is an American superhero movie that will be released in 2021, adapted from the comic “Suicide Commando” under DC Comics. The film is a soft restart version of the 2016 movie “Suicide Commando”, and is the tenth work of the DC Extended Universe.

14.The King’s Man Release date: August 20 (US)

Synopsis: The film is a prequel to the trump card agent. With the gathering of the worst tyrants and criminal planners in history, they launched a war capable of destroying millions of people. At this time, a man and his apprentice step forward and must race against time to stop the ambitions of the wicked.

15.The Boss Baby: Family Business Release date: September 17 (US)

Synopsis: The second part of the cute baby is here! Many years after setting in the first film, the Templeton brothers Tim and Ted grew up, and the relationship between the two gradually became estranged.

16.Death on the Nile 2021 Release date: September 17 (US)

Synopsis: The Nile tragedy is one of the most classic novels written by Agatha. The role played by Gal Gadot may be Linnet Ridgeway Doyle, a wealthy lady who inherited a large fortune, and fell in love with another character, Simon.

17.Dune Release date: October 1st (United States)

Synopsis: Based on the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, the film tells the story of the young Paul being guided by his fate to go to the most dangerous planet in the universe in order to protect his family. It is a classic science fiction adventure movie story.

18.No Time To Die Release date: October 8 (United States)

Synopsis: This is the 25th movie in the 007 series. Bond faces an unprecedented crisis! New hatreds and old grievances followed one after another, how Bond dealt with them one by one. How will the returning Bond girl Madeleine affect Bond’s fate?

19.Eternals Release date: November 5 (United States)

Synopsis: New Marvel movie! Directed by Chinese director Zhao Ting and starring Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, the Eternal Race is a brand new superhero team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They live on the earth and are an ancient race of aliens. The timeline of the story is after the Avengers Ultimate Battle.

20.Ghostbusters: Afterlife Release date: November 11 (US)

Synopsis: It is a 2021 American fantasy comedy. The film is the fourth film work of the “Super Expendables Series”. It is also the 1984 movie “Super Expendables” and the 1989 movie “Super Expendables 2”. Direct sequel.

21.Mission: Impossible 7 Release date: November 19 (US)

Synopsis: The Mission Impossible series starring Tang Ge! The film is the sequel of the 2018 movie “Mission Impossible 6: Total Disintegration” and the seventh work of the “Mission Impossible Series”. In March 2020, in order to ensure that the film was released on schedule, the crew changed to filming in Surrey, England, and built the scene of an Italian town there.

22.Spider-Man: No Way Home Release date: December 17 (U.S.)

Synopsis: Doctor Strange, Electric Lightman, etc. will join this movie! The 27th film work of “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, and will also guest appearances in many Marvel movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting more and more exciting.

23.The Matrix 4 Release Date: December 22 (United States)

Synopsis: Keanu Reeves returns to the Matrix series! It is an American science fiction action movie scheduled to be released in 2021, directed by Lana Wachowski!

24.Sherlock Holmes 3 Release date: December 22 (US)
Synopsis: The Detective Sherlock Holmes series starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law! What plots are there for Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law?

Watching movies and TV shows is becoming more and more important. A good movie can definitely bring a super good mood! Affected by the 2020 epidemic, many American movies have not been released, and the Marvel Universe has not been released this year. So what are the wonderful American movies in 2021? Let us look forward to it!